The background to the Zenith stories

During WWII an extra-dimensional alien species inimicable to life in our universe contacted cultists in Germany and provided the Nazis with a way of creating super-powerful bodies (these creatures needed hosts to enter our dimension, but normal human bodies were too frail and would explode if occupied). This allowed the Nazis to create Masterman, which turned the tide of the war for them. The secret of breeding these superbeings was stolen by the Allies, and used to create Maxi-Man as a counter to the Nazi supervillain. When the two finally met however, Maxi-Man was no match for his demonically possessed nemesis; what finally stopped the one-sided fight was when the first atomic bomb was dropped on Berlin, pretty much on Masterman's head.

The British government then experimented on human embryos, and by the sixties had created Taskforce U.K., a crop of super children. They couldn't maintain control on so powerful a group though, and by the late sixties Taskforce U.K. had declared its independence from the authorities, discovered the hippy life-style and become Cloud Nine instead.

Then, during the 1970s, the members of Cloud Nine seemed to either vanish, die, or lose their powers. Before they died, two of them had a son together, who would grow up to become the superpowered popstar Zenith. When Zenith was in his late teens, Masterman returned. Zenith was approached by Ruby Fox, one of the three survivors of Cloud Nine, who had been attacked by the demon's cult, and with her, Siadwel Rhys and Peter St. John, the other survivors of the team, they defeated and destroyed the monstrous foe...or at least the part of it in their universe.

Eventually it became clear that Cloud Nine had mostly faked their deaths or power losses - the only one who had really died was Zenith's mother. But not all of them were on the side of the angels...



Red Dragon


White Heat

Dr. Beat






93 Mantra


D.J. Chill


Smiley Sun

Meta Maid




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