Shockwave and Blaze

On the left Blaze, on the right ShockwaveReal Name: Shockwave and Blaze

Identity/Class: Human mutant clones

Occupation: Agents of Dr.Peyne

Affiliations: Each other, Dr.Payne; the Lloigor

Enemies: Zenith;

Shockwave only  Voltage

Known Relatives: Voltage (Shockwave's "mother"), White Heat (Blaze's "mother"), Zenith's child (the son of one of them, though which is unclear)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: U.K.

First Appearance: 2000 A.D.

Powers/Abilities: Telepathic - they don't talk but communicate with one another on a mental level. They are superstrong, can fly and are near invulnerable, like all the superhumans of their type. Blaze is pyrokinetic and Shockwave is electrokinetic.

History: Shockwave and Blaze were clones, grown respectively from the cells of Voltage and White Heat. They were created so they could breed with Zenith, to create a new line of superhumans. Peter St. John trapped them inside Chimera's pocket universe, along with the rest of Cloud Nine. Shockwave was subsequently killed by Ruby Fox (Voltage), who wanted her DNA back, while Blaze became Lloigor along with the surviving members of Cloud Nine.

Comments: Created by Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell.

One of the clones is the mother of Zenith's child, but it isn't specified which, as he slept with both of them (before he found out one was a clone of his own mother). Given that the boy has blond hair, matching Blaze but not Zenith, and that Blaze is the one seen to hold the boy while showing him Zenith performing on TV, she is probably the mother.

Thanks to Ewan Drysdale for reminding me of Shockwave's fate. Since Shockwave's demise and Blaze's becoming a Lloigor took place after Lux and co. had already been tricked inside Chimera, I was initially unsure if this was really the final fates of the two clones. After all, we know it was fake versions of Archie, Zenith and Mandala who were killed. However, I noted that considering their potential to evolve into Lloigor I doubt Mandala would have left Shockwave, Blaze and the child running around free, and suspected they and Payne were added to the pocket universe soon after the main Cloud Nine group.

Russell Mills corroborates this, pointing out that "in Dr Payne’s narrative, when he is getting much younger, he remembers Peter St John visiting him, and that Peter had something in his hand (presumably Chimera) but he can’t really remember it too well. I believe that this is a hint that Mandala turned up to trap the two cloned super humans, Zenith's kid (Iok Sotot) and Dr Payne in Chimera and this is where Lux and gang caught up with them all: in the fake Chimera universe. Thus their fates are that of the true versions, locked in the fake universe inside Chimera and no threat to humanity anymore." Checking the story again, I can confirm Russell observation and agree with his hypothesis.

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