Real Name: Penelope "Penny" Moon

Identity/Class: Mutant human; later evolved into Lloigor

Occupation: Former superhero; as a Lloigor she likes to play games with reality

Affiliations: Former member of Taskforce U.K. / Cloud Nine

Enemies: Formerly the Lloigor; later Zenith, Mandala, Robot Archie

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Originally anywhere within the multiverse; as a Lloigor she is trapped within Chimera.

First Appearance: 2000 A.D.

Powers/Abilities: Superstrong, able to fly and nearly invulnerable. Spook was also able to control the molecules of her own body, allowing her to walk through solid objects. After twenty years of developing her abilities, she could also set up Einstein-Rosen bridges between realities with her mind, control her body so that she did not age, and eventually warp reality to her desires.

History: Another child of Dr Peyne's project to breed superhumans, Spook had the ability to walk through walls. The youngest member of the Cloud Nine team, she went along with Lux's plan to become gods. When the CIA's telepathic shadowmen appeared to kill her friends and teammates White Heat and Dr Beat, she joined Lux in faking her own death, appearing to fall into a mirror from which she never returned. In truth she and Lux travelled between the dimensions, developing their powers, and returning when their plans were near fruition at the point where the Lloigor were threatening all the realities. She eventually evolved into a Lloigor herself, but was trapped inside Chimera by her former friend Mandala.

Spook as she was during the sixtiesComments: The youngest member of Cloud Nine. Only Chimera was born after her.

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