Real Name: Unknown - probably Robert McDowell

Identity/Class: Human mutant (probably)

Occupation: Unknown - possibly pop singer

Affiliations: the heroic alliance who fought the Lloigor

Enemies: The Lloigor

Known Relatives: None - but may have been related to his world's versions of Dr.Beat (father) and Jenny Ridgeway (a.k.a. White Heat, mother)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Earth (Alternate 300 universe)

First Appearance: Zenith Phase 3, 2000 A.D.

Powers/Abilities: Although never stated, it can be assumed that Vertex has the same powers as Zenith. In which case: Able to fly, superhumanly strong, and practically invulnerable. However his powers wax and wane depending on his biorhythm cycle, so at certain times he is just a normal person. May have pyrokinetic abilities (the technical term is telekinetic acceleration of molecular motion), and be able to project his thoughts telepathically. His counterpart Zenith had not developed these last two powers, being undisciplined, but given that Vertex was a far better person, he probably had.

History: Vertex was an alternate universe counterpart of Zenith. He was recruited along with several other heroes from various realities to battle the Lloigor incursion into humanity's dimensions. During the final confrontation with the Lloigor, it became necessary to detonate the last reality destroying bomb to defeat them, but as it had been damaged, it had to be detonated manually. Vertex volunteered to sacrifice his life to save the Omniverse, but almost everyone mistakenly believed it was Zenith who gave up his life, and it was only after Blue Wizard had erected a monument to the fallen, with Zenith's name being honoured on it, that the mistake was realised.

Comments: Created by Grant Morrison and Steve Yeowell.

Dan Evans notes "Vertex was Zenith's camp, possibly gay, anti-Zenith doppleganger from one of the other alternatives. As far as I can remember he was in there purely for both humerous effect and as a juxterpose / contrast with / highlight Zenith's selfish egotistical character. Vertex was really friendly towards Zenith when they first met, and wanted to know all about his "alternate-reality" brother." I'd agree with much of this, except to note that there was nothing that I can see to suggest he was gay - Zenith, boorish lout that he was, suggested this, simply based on Vertex not being a boorish lout. And while he was added for both humerous effect and as a contrast to Zenith's egotistical nature, he wasn't in the story just for those reasons. Vertex was also added and then hidden in the background so that Grant Morrison could play the audience later by making the readers think their lead character had died near the climax of the story - a trick he repeated in Phase Four.

Thanks to Greg Ash for additional information.

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