Iok Sotot

Real Name: "a wavelength of 430 nanometers” (name is literally not able to be spoken)

Identity/Class: Extra-dimensional entity (Lloigor); formerly mutant human; can only enter our dimension while contained within a superpowered host body

Occupation: Would be conqueror of universes

Affiliations: The Lloigor

Enemies: Zenith; Mandala, Maxi-Man

Known Relatives: Zenith (father); White Heat (grandmother); Dr.Beat (grandfather); either Blaze or Shockwave (mother)

Aliases: Masterman; Mr.Why, Iok Sotot, Eater of Souls

Base of Operations: Normally trapped within Chimera

First Appearance: 2000 A.D.

Powers/Abilities: Superhuman strength, able to fire beams of incredibly destructive energy from his eyes, near invulnerability. These powers seem to be common to all Lloigor host bodies, whether they are built specifically for the purpose of hosting the lifeforce, or stolen from the original owner.

History: Masterman is actually two superhumans, twins experimented on by the Nazis to give them superhuman powers. The soul of the first twin was then eaten by Iok Sotot, one of the Lloigor, giving him a host body with which to conquer our world so that it could be used as a breeding ground. However, the original Masterman was killed when the Americans dropped a nuclear bomb on him.

Forty years later the second twin was found by the Order of the Black Sun, who worship the Many Angled Ones (another name for the Lloigor). He had been cryogenically frozen; they de-thawed him, and summoned Iok Sotot to enter the body, returning him to our world. He immediately set out to let more of his kind in, and started this plan by going after his only possible opposition (and the obvious choices of future hosts for more of his kind), the superhumans of our Earth.


His first, failed attack, warned Ruby Fox (Voltage) of his presence, and she set off to to gather allies against him. Masterman next warned off Mandala, but left him alive. Deciding to proclaim his presence openly, Masterman began a reign of destruction in Parliament Square, which drew the attention of Voltage and her allies Zenith and Red Dragon. Having killed that last hero, he was about to finish off Zenith when Mandala entered the fray after all, distracting him lon enough for Zenith to recover and finish him off. 





This only destroyed his host body however, and his Lloigor form was set free, seeking to finish off those standing in its way. However, during their previous encounter, Mandala had planted a post-hypnotic suggestion in the creature's mind, and he used this to inflict a massive epileptic seizure in it, wiping it from this dimension.

Comments: Iok Sotot later caught up with Zenith while in the stolen body of Mr.Why.

We eventually find out that Iok Sotot is Zenith's son.

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