Real Name: David Cambridge

Identity/Class: Mutant human; later evolved into a Lloigor

Occupation: Formerly superhero; as a Lloigor, he liked to play with reality to satisfy his own whims.

Affiliations: Former member of Taskforce U.K. / Cloud Nine

Enemies: Mandala; Zenith; Robot Archie, Domino

Known Relatives: None known

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Originally anywhere within the multiverse; as a Lloigor he is trapped within Chimera.

First Appearance: 2000 A.D.

Powers/Abilities: Lux was superstrong, able to fly and virtually invulnerable. After developing his powers for twenty years he had also gained telepathy and the ability to change people's perceptions by interfering with their brain chemistry. Once he became a Lloigor, he was literally able to warp the fabric of reality with his mind.

History: David Cambridge was the result of an experiment on pre-natal children who were exposed to the Lloigor's serum, which was designed to create superhuman host forms. He came to feel that superhumans were the next evolutionary step, and that humanity was obsolete and should be replaced. In light of this he came up with a plan for the entire group to develop their powers until they became gods. The argument over this idea split the rest of the team; Spook supported him, Mandala and Red Dragon were the most vehement opponents to it. Voltage fell towards the latter two's side of things, while Dr Beat and White Heat leaned towards Lux, but were more concerned with having a child together. When these last were apparently killed by covert government assassins, the rest of Cloud Nine decided to take no chances that they would be next on the list. The three opposed to 'the Plan' faked losing their powers following an illness that may well have been an attempt to poison them, while Lux and Spook faked their own deaths. In Lux's case this involved appearing to disintegrate. In reality he and Spook found a way to travel between the dimensions by creating "Einstein-Rosen Bridges" with their minds. They continued to develop their powers, before returning to their homeworld when their plan was nearing fruition, as part of the inter-dimensional army of heroes that opposed the Lloigor. This proved to be ironic only a little later, when Lux came to realise that when they finished evolving time would cease to have meaning for them anymore, and they would in fact become the Lloigor.

Lux when he was with Cloud NineA young David Cambridge out of costumeComments: As we can see amongst the burnt possessions in Ruby Fox's flat (following it's destruction in the fight against Masterman), Lux wrote a book entitled "Dream Tigers".

As Matthew Cocks notes, the young Lux strongly resembles the singer Jim Morrison.


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