Various Golden Age Heroes (and perhaps the odd Villain)

During the 1940's there was a boom in the number of comics and superheroes. The success of Superman caused a number of companies to jump on the band-wagon and create their own crimefighting heroes, and then when America joined the War there was clearly perceived to be a need for patriotic heroes fighting the evil Axis forces. As well as the characters from the companies who would eventually become Marvel and DC there were the heroes of Fawcett, Centaur, Hillman and Archie. And there were other characters from companies that didn't carry on for long after the era; some of them are covered here. Most have kid sidekicks - rather than list them separately, they'll be covered as part of the profile for the adult character they followed.

Thanks to Ben Samuels whose site provided a number of images used here. Check out his site at  Likewise a thanks to Brad Newman for permission to use images from his Comic Book Cover Quest site, and Steve Rogers, whose Golden Years Comic Book Library was also extremely helpful in that respect.

I'd also like to thank Darrin Wiltshire. If you look around this site, you'll see that I like to try and provide every character with some pictorial reference - text is all very good, but most superheroes come from comics, and comics are a visual medium. With Golden Age characters, tracking down images of them from their early appearances (and not a modernised version) can be very tricky (though the aforementioned sites are a good start). Thus I'm indebted to Darrin for letting me use images from his fun Micro Heroes website, where he has pictured a lot of Golden Age characters in accurate versions of their original costumes.

Ace Periodicals Ajax All-American Publications Archie Atlas
Aviation Press
Better Bilbara
Centaur Columbia Comic House Publications Comics Magazine Company
Dell Detective Comics Inc. Dynamic
Eastern Color Printing Enwil
Famous Funnies Fawcett Fiction House Four Star Fox Features Syndicate
Frank Commundale Funnies, Inc
Gerona Great Publications
Harry A. Chesler Harvey Hillman Holyoke
Kosmos Publications
Lev Gleason
Magazine Enterprizes
National Periodicals Nedor
Prize Progressive
Reg'lar Feller Heroes Rural Home
Spark Standard Star Comics Street and Smith
Tem Publishing Timely
Ultem Publications United Features
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Aviation Press

Black Venus


Phantom Flyer


Mister Q

Tornado Tom


Frank Commundale

Diana the Huntress



Duke of Darkness


Kosmos Publications

Hip Knox

Invisible Avenger

Marvo 1-2 Go+


Cosmo Mann

Lady Fairplay

United Features

Mirror Man

Spark Man

Triple Terror


Atomic Thunderbolt

Captain Flash


Green Giant



Lone Rider

Mad Hatter

Masked Marvel

Moon Girl

Red Knight

The Spirit


Dick Tracy

Captain Power

Master Mystic

Captain Atom

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