Fawcett Comics

The original home of heroes like Captain Marvel and the Marvel Family. I thought long and hard about whether or not to include these guys as DC now own them and most of them are now firmly ensconced in the DC Universe. But as I gradually added characters from other deceased companies, I began to feel it would be remiss to not at least mention Fawcett just because someone else now owns them.

Atom Blake

Balbo the Boy Magician

Black Adam



Captain 4Q

Captain Marvel

Captain Marvel Jnr

El Carim

Commando Yank

Devil's Dagger

Diamond Jack

Dr Sivana

Golden Arrow


Ibis the Invincible

Jungle King

Lieutenant Marvels

Marvel Bunny

Mary Marvel



Mr Scarlet

Phantom Eagle


Red Gaucho

Spy Smasher

Warlock the Wizard

Captain Midnight


Dr. Death

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