Triple Terror

Membership: Chemix (Barton Brandon), Lectra (Richard Brandon), Menta (Bruce Brandon)

Purpose: Crimefighting

Affiliations: Unidentified police commissioner

Enemies: Silver Swastika, the Rat

Base of Operations: U.S.A.

First Appearance: Tip Top Comics #54 (United Features, 1943)

History: Seeking to fight crime, the three genius Barton brothers, adopted the identities of Chemix (the chemistry genius, identifiable by the gaseous symbol on his chest and back), Lectra (electronics genius, identifiable by the lightning symbol on his chest and back) and Menta ("mental master of men", identifiable by the brain symbol of his chest and back). Together they were known as the Triple Terror.

Comments: Created by Fred Methot and Paul Berdanier.

The Triple Terror appeared in Tip Top Comics #54-119.

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