Badger is the story of Norbert Sykes, a Viet Nam veteran and abused child who has developed split personality disorder. One of his personalities is the Badger, a superhero. Working for Hammaglystwythbrngxxaxolotl, a fifth century Welsh weather wizard, he proceeded to encounter and battle a procession of weird and wonderful opponents during the run of his series.

Created by Mike Baron, who also created Nexus, Badger originally appeared in a series from Capital Comics. With issue five, his comic moved to First, where it ran to seventy issues and a couple of graphic novels. With the demise of First comics, the Badger vanished off the radar for several years, reappearing in two mini-series from Dark Horse during the mid-nineties, and then as an ongoing series from Image in 1997 (which lasted 11 issues). Most recently he returned in the IDW mini-series Badger Saves the World; IDW have also collected some of his early adventures in a series of TPB.






Riley Thorp


Mavis Davis


Lord Weterlackus

Phantom of Bascom Hill

The Roach Wrangler

Kid Kang

Dr Buick Riviera

Count Kohler



Senator Bob Kasten


Ron Dorgan

Supporting Cast

Some of Badger's friends, associates, and other colourful characters not given their own entries include:
Daisy Fields - his personal psychiatrist and Ham's secretary. She is the only person Ham cares about, and is one of the few who can make him do the right thing.[most issues]

Pamela Sue Tilson, whom he dated for a while. First met the Badger when he turned up at a dog fight she was attending too. [#4, #7, #9, #11]

Jim Wonktendonk, fellow Nam vet. First met the Badger when Ham introduced them. Jim had been procuring exotic animals for Ham, who was using them for sacrifices.[#7, #8]

Connie Ammerperson, black lesbian cab driver and liberal woman's activist. She met the Badger when he used her cab as a getaway car while trying to escape the authorities with a  black jaguar. [#9, #26, Badger Goes Berserk]

Meldrum Funmaker, a Winnebago indian.  A friend of and neighbour of Jim Wonktendonk, he ran into the Badger when the insane one came to Jim's aid against the Hodag's neo-Nazis. By Crossroads he had been retconned into an old army buddy of Badger's. [#10, Crossroads #2, Badger Goes Berserk]

The Reverend Wallace Wallop and Polly May Wallop [#23]. A pair of TV evangelists with a difference - they really do believe in God and aren't in it for the money. Their ability to see through demonic illusions allowed them to see that the demon Bob was trying to trick them into running over the Badger and to perceive Bob as he truly was, and their holy water water pistols did the rest.

Fuzzbuster, owl with attitude that Badger often uses as a police radar spotter to avoid tickets (hence his name) [#49, #55, #60, #61]

Streetwise, a New Yorker who knows everything that happens in that city [#59, #67]

Summary of Badger Issues:

1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15, 16, 17, 18, 19, 20, 21, 22, 23, 24, 25, 26, 27, 28, 29, 30, 31, 32, 33, 34, 35, 36, 37, 38, 39, 40, 41, 42, 43, 44, 45, 46, 47, 48, 49, 50, 51, 52, 53, 54, 55, 56, 57, 58, 59, 60, 61, 62, 63, 64, 65, 66, 67, 68, 69, 70, Badger Goes Berserk 1, 2, 3, 4, Hexbreaker, Badger Bedlam

Badger #1 (Capital Comics): Precipitation

In 412 A.D., in Wales, the Weather Wizard Ham sacrifices another young child. The locals rage at this, and an unprecedented gathering of wizards comes together to deal with the threat. They manage to overpower him, but cannot kill him. Instead they plan to drop him off the edge of the Earth. The ship that transports his comatose form eventually makes landfall in the Americas.

In 1983 Daisy Fields begins work at a mental health facility near Wisconsin. One of her patients is the still non-responsive Weather Wizard. However he has secretly made telepathic contact with the inmate in the next cell, who styles himself a crime-fighter called the Badger. In exchange for information about the modern age, Ham tells the Badger what to say to get himself released. Badger feigns sanity while Ham starts to talk to Daisy, and then escapes.

While the Badger roams the street of Madison dealing out brutal justice to muggers, Daisy agrees to go to work for Ham, who has turned up in her house. Ham then uses magic to win several competitions, becoming a millionaire by the evening. He is attacked by muggers that evening, which draws the attention of the Badger, who also agrees to work for Ham. And in Tibet, the mystic known as the Yak senses Ham's awakening, and prepares to travel to America with his assistant the Yeti to confront the Wizard.

Badger #2 (Capital Comics): Ham's New Broom

Ham buys a castle, while Badger is warned about his vigilante violence by the police. The Yak and Yeti arrive in the States, while Badger meets Riley Thorp, master of Jabberwocky, in a local park. The two swiftly become friends. Yak and Yeti reach the castle, where the Yak and Ham exchange heated words and Ham hits the Yak when he starts the spell to put Ham back into a coma. This sets off the Yeti, who attacks Ham, and when the Badger and Riley walk in a fight erupts.

A Groaner: Badger proves to Daisy that he can talk to animals.

A Conversation: After stopping a street musician from being robbed, Badger gets into a philosophical discussion with the singer about violence not solving things. However when they witness someone mugging a man in a wheelchair they agree to each work to achieve peace in their own way.

Badger #3 (Capital Comics): The Day The Comics Fell

After a short fight between Yeti and Badger, the Yak takes his assistant and leaves. Riley takes Badger to a local redneck hangout, where he picks a fight with some bikers. On television Reverend Grabbit is talking about burning comics as the devil's work, which gets the attention of all our principles. At the bonfire, Yak attempts to reason with the bible basher, to no avail. Ham then steps in and buys the entire lot. The greedy Grabbit agrees, before discovering that Ham is not a Christian when he sends the comics flying by summoning the winds. Yak leaves with Yeti, sure that Ham is caught in a pattern of ever escalating enchantments.

Where in Hell Ham Came From: A short tale telling of Ham's birth.

Badger #4 (Capital Comics): Dogfight

Badger turns up at an illegal dogfight run by Carl Avery, the king of illicit gambling in Wisconsin, with a "pedigreed glout hound" (a badger to thee and me) and forcefully insists on being allowed to enter his "dog" as a contender. One man takes up the challenge, but his pit bull throws the fight without even being touched. After dealing with the violent protests of the owner, Badger makes the acquaintance of Pamela Sue Tilson, who takes him to a hidden casino, where he ends up in a bare knuckle fight. It turns out that an Arab sheik who has been betting on him all night is in fact Ham, who has now made a killing financially. The next morning however, Badger is incensed when he realises that Ham means to sacrifice a pit bull, and storms to the roof to stop him. Ham sends Badger into limbo rather than deal with his rage.

Nexus #6 (Capital): The Trialogue Trilogy Part One - The Ultimate Bizarre Object

Nexus and Judah Maccabee crash their ship on the weird bowl-shaped world. On their first night there Badger drops in on them - literally.

Nexus #7 (First): The Trialogue Trilogy Part Two - The Bowl-Shaped World

Badger explains to his two new friends that he was accidentally sent to his current locale by Ham after their argument. They travel across the planet together until they reach Tech City, where they trade for a spaceship. However they don't get too far before the ship is shot down and they are forced to bail out.

Nexus #8 (First): The Trialogue Trilogy Part One - Up and Out

The trio continue their trip across the bowl-shaped world, fighting monstrous aliens and encountering a place where wishes come true, before finally meeting the master of the planet, who sends all of them, the Badger included, home.

Badger #5 (First): no title

Ham discovers an oak tree that will allow him to draw great magical power without needing to make blood sacrifices. However his attempts to buy the land it is on are thwarted, as Kepco, the company that owns the ground, plans to build an uranium refinery at that spot. When Ham makes a nuisance of himself, thugs are sent around to teach him a lesson; instead the Badger teaches them one. But Ham cannot prevent the Oak, sacred to his religion, from being felled, and so he plans revenge.

Badger #6 (First): Surfin' USA

Badger and Ham go to San Diego, where Ham threatens to place the entire city under water if Kepco does not make remunerations for their destruction of the mighty Oak. Kepco of course treats him as a crank, until the Badger appears on TV warning locals to flee the area before a tidal wave hits on Friday. The Badger carves a surf board out of the remains of the Oak, and Ham is dropped off by a helicopter 2000 miles away from the coast on Thursday morning. He begins to surf to land, generating a tsunami as he goes. Kepco relents, and Ham, unable to stop the wave, gets them to summon the Yak, who successfully dissipates it just before it hits land.

Meanwhile Badger races to his mother's side after she is injured by thugs who robbed her nursing home. When they return he starts to beat up on them until one of them reminds him of his step-father, causing him to slip into his helpless Emily persona.

Badger #7 (First): Breakdown on the Road to Happiness

Riley and Daisy collect Norbert, still in his Emily persona, from the nursing home. Daisy attempts to treat Norbert, while Ham purchases animals to sacrifice of Jim Wonktendonk. Riley takes Daisy out to give her a break, leaving Ham to look after Norbert. But Ham uses his magic to try and draw the Badger persona out, and gets the psychotic Pierre instead. Ham swiftly subdues the madman.

Several days later Daisy and Riley successfully draw out the Badger by faking hurting a small dog in front of him. The animal cruelty brings back that personality. While Ham sacrifices his animals to Lord Weterlackus, whom he is behind in paying, Badger goes out on the town with Pamela Sue. Both run into trouble - the Badger is warned about beating up on someone, while Lord Weterlackus demands human sacrifice, and when Ham cannot give it, sends a demon to Earth to teach Ham a lesson. The next morning Badger is awoken at Pam's place by the guy he beat on the night before, looking for a fight. Badger gives him one, but the police arrive, and Badger, now thinking he is Leroy, the dog, attacks them too. This continues into the court room, and Badger is sent to Nakoma State Mental Health Facility for evaluation.

Badger #8 (First): In a Coma, In Nakoma!

The Badger has been in Nakoma for over a month, totally unresponsive and unmoving, except when an orderly tries to mess with him, when he violently and temporarily reanimates. That night Hubert Pismo, notorious axe murderer, escapes, and the Badger takes messages from a preying mantis. He starts interacting with the world again. Meanwhile Ham receives a demonic visitation, when Weterlackus' demon leaves a bloody sacrifice, including a human one, on his doorstep. Ham refuses to make a similar one, as that was what caused him to be driven out of Wales 1500 years back. After being indifferent about getting Badger released, Ham now decides it is a priority. They manage to get his discharged, and when the demon returns that night Badger slices and dices him. Luckily for the world in general his human sacrifice that night had been the killer Pismo.Ham makes a resolution not to deal with Weterlackus any more.

Badger #9 (First): Hot August Night

Badger beats up on an obnoxious cyclist, whose brother proves to be a tough martial artist called Cobra. In a bar he runs into Pamela Sue, who points out a new item about escaped jaguars. He goes off to rescue them before the authorities hurt them. One of the jaguars is shot before he can get to it, but he rescues the other, rendering it unconscious, and fleeing from the police hails a taxi. The driver is Connie Ammerperson, who reluctantly gives them a ride. They are pulled over by Cobra, who has coming looking to redress things for his brother's beating. Cobra makes the mistake of calling Connie a couple of sexist names, and she demonstrates violently her fighting skills. But Cobra uses mace on her, and the Badger has to step in. After the fight finishes he has won the respect of Cobra - the three drop the jaguar off at the zoo and depart on friendlier terms.

Badger #10 (First): Effigy Mound

Badger goes to visit his friend Jim Wonktendonk, but finds that a local neo-Nazi group, the Sons of Freedom, have started harassing him. When the Sons are led on a raid against Jim by their leader, the Hodag, a former Green Beret, Badger, Jim and Meldrum Funmaker, a local indian friend of Jim's, make short work of most of them. But Hodag overpowers Meldrum and forces Badger to battle him atop an indian effigy mound. Hodag wins that fight and leaves in disgust, but Meldrum states that his desecration has angered the spirits and has brought a curse down on him.

Badger #11 (First): Shellshock

Hodag, now transformed by the Indian curse into a humanoid turtle, is wandering from one magician to another, looking for someone to turn him back into a human. He turns up at Ham's castle, but Ham cannot help him either, and he leaves. Out jogging, the Badger encounters the Yeti, who warns him that Ham's use of magic is about to cause a rupture between dimensions, which could release thousands of monsters into the world. Badger refuses to listen, and the Yeti returns to the Yak's condo. The Yak decides that there is nothing more he can do; even stopping the tidal wave a few months back contributed to the problem. They pack to return to Nepal.

Meanwhile the Hodag answers a personal ad to have his curse removed, and enters the service of an unknown force. Shortly thereafter he returns to Ham's castle, human looking again, this time accompanied by his new master - Lord Weterlackus.

Badger #12 (First): Red Snow

With the castle snowed in, the new arrivals make themselves at home.Weterlackus tries cajoling and threats to convince Ham to take up powerful magic again and pay him the sacrifices he is due. Ham appears to be scared enough to do so, but is not prepared to pay the price when he discovers Weterlackus wants Daisy. Instead he conspires with Badger to use a anti-tank gun loaded with a holy water payload to eliminate the demon lord. When Hodag attempts to rape Daisy, things come to a head. Badger and Hodag battle, but the Hodag's invulnerability gives him the edge, and he is about to cut the hero's throat when Ham steps in. Hodag stabs Ham with a knife, only to discover that Ham's damage reflection trick can pierce his hide - the wound he tried to inflict is given to him. Weterlackus turns him back into a man-turtle for his failure, and hurls him out into the snow. Ham tries to get the demon lord with his anti-tank gun, but misses. As Weterlackus prepares to snap Badger's neck, Ham invokes Pierre, the psychotic personality.

Badger #13 (First): Musical Dimensions

Pierre slips free of Weterlackus, and the distraction allows Ham to slip into another dimension. Daisy, confronted by Pierre, manages to revert him to his Badger persona. Badger battles Weterlackus, and unleashes his animals on him, who gnaw him to the bone. Weterlackus escapes by using his own blood as the power source. Ham meanwhile is lost, and continues to jump dimensions looking for his way home. He lands in Judah Maccabee's salad in the city of Cynosure, and the freelance adjudicator manages to find someone who can send them both back to 20th century Earth, where they land in Badger's dinner. Badger and Judah socialise together for a while, until Ham generates enough energy to send the alien back to the future.

Badger #14 (First) Snake Bile Cognac

Having seen Chef Herbert Ng kill a cobra on live TV to extract its bile sac to use in a cognac, Badger travels to San Francisco to teach him a lesson. But Ng proves to a good man, and after a bit of time bonding the two become friends.

Badger #15 (First) Enter the Wombat

Badger gets off his plane from San Francisco to find he is in Sydney, Australia, where he is greeted by Jack Moran on behalf of IBOB, the International Brotherhood of Brujos. He has been brought there to help find one of the last Thylacines (Tasmanian Tiger, believed to be extinct), which they say they will use to restore the barriers between this world and the rest. They need the Badger's skills to find the Tiger, and get passed the Wombat, a local vigilante and self appointed protector of the local wildlife. However it turns out that the Wombat is the good guy, and that IBOB are planning to sacrifice the Thylacine to gain supernatural power. The two vigilantes soon put paid to that idea. The Badger once again gets on a plane home, but this time he lands in Katmandu, where the Yak greets him, and tells him IBOB are after the Yeti.

Badger #16 (First) Search for the Snowman

Yak explains that IBOB get their powers from blood sacrifice of rare creatures, and plan to break down the barriers between dimensions. They are now seeking to kill the Yeti, who has gone back to nature for a bit after his prolonged spell in civilisation. Badger and Yak catch up with him just before IBOB do, and bring him back to his senses. A pitched battle ensues, and Yak uses the spilled blood from a wound Yeti received to power a spell causing a cave in that buries their opponents (and them). Yeti and Badger dig their way out, but Yeti presumes that the Yak is gone for good.

Badger #17 (First) Buffalo

The Badger is asked to help recapture an escaped rhino before the police shoot it. He does this with the aid of Lamont, his buffalo, and in spite of the interference of Carl Avery, local gambling boss.

Badger #18 (First) Beaver Drop

Badger decides to interfere with a race around the rural parts of Wisconsin, afraid that the drivers will hit the local animals.

Badger #19 (First) Senator

In southern France truffle hunting, Ham, Daisy and Badger acquire Senator Kasten, a peg-legged pig, and Badger battles Pierre Piquet, a local billionaire with a grudge against Ham.

Badger #20 (First) Billionaire$' Picnic

Ham, Daisy and Max Swell are at the billionaires' picnic. However Pierre Piquet crashes the party, intent on robbing everyone. Pierre and his men get away, taking Ham and Daisy with him, with Badger and Don Diego Digitalis, billionaire wu-shu expert, in hot pursuit. The duo make short work of Pierre's men, and Pierre himself goes under the wheels of a large truck.

Badger #21 (First) The Phantom of Bascom Hill

Riley recruits the Badger to help an old friend of his who is being threatened by a former boyfriend. Once an anti-war protester, the former hippie has now become the Phantom of Bascom Hill.

Badger #22 (First) Range War

Badger is hired by an appliance salesman to endorse his crazy discounts, only to be dragged into a range war when the salesman's rival hires the mad Doctor Buick Riviera to do the same for him.

Badger #23 (First) Bob

Yeti arrives at the castle to warn Badger that IBOB set an indestructible demon called Bob on his tail, and nothing he can do can stop it or slow it. Luckily for him, just as Bob is about to kill him, the Reverend Wallace Wallop, TV evangelist, drives up, and destroys Bob using a machine gun water pistol full of holy water.

Badger #24 (First) Cheap Shot

Badger comes to Riley's aid when a rival martial arts school decides to set up shop in his area and drive out the competition.

Badger #25 (First) The Duck Lady

Badger is asked to assist an old lady whose new neighbours having been shooting the ducks she feeds each morning because the noise the birds make wake them up after they have been partying all night.

Badger #26 (First) The Roach Wrangler

Connie Ammerperson asks the Badger to help out her sister in Chicago whose neighbourhood has suddenly become overrun with millions of cockroaches. Badger discovers that a local businessman is using a man known as the Roach Wrangler to try and drive people out so he can buy their properties for redevelopment. The Badger confronts the Wrangler in the sewers, using rats to counter his roaches, and lights a zippo in the methane laden atmosphere, which causes a huge explosion.

Badger #27 (First) Stomp the Roach Wrangler

Angry at the destruction of his home by the Badger, the Roach Wrangler leads an army of billions of Chicago's cockroaches to Wisconsin to destroy the Badger's home in return. The Badger confronts him en route with his own force of bulldozers, elephants and other animals, and squishes the roach forces. Ham sells the remains for fertilizer, making a tidy profit, and the Wrangler is apprehended and taken into custody.

Badger #28 (First) Bad Beer

In Canada a chance meeting with a ghost slips Badger into his Pierre persona. After terrorising the locals, he is brought back to his more pleasant persona by the Yeti, still pursued by his IBOB demon and looking for his friend's help. The two of them slice and dice the demon with chainsaws, ending the threat.

Badger #29 (First) The Magic World

Badger and Clonezone the Hilariator meet an alien looking for a lawyer and play pool with W.C. Fields. Really. Ask Warren Oates - he saw the whole thing. One of Badger's more surreal adventures.

Badger #30 (First) Grand Master Part 1

As the disciples of Hop Li Sung, supposed master of the Open Fist system, attack other martial artists around the globe, the Badger and Riley have a run-in with Ron Dorgan, who uses "negative king" to unleash a delayed death touch on the Badger. Riley and the Badger realise they will have to go to the South China Sea to convince Hop Li Sung to undo this if the Badger is to live.

Badger #31 (First) Kill or Be Killed

Ham enchants the ailing Badger and his companion Riley so that they can call upon the powers of two ancient Celtic Warrior Kings to aid them in the battles ahead. They then travel to the island headquarters of Hop Li Sung, where they battle their way to that master of negative kung. He cures Badger, but insists that Riley and the insane superhero must now help his disciple Ron Dorgan prepare for a forthcoming mystic tournament of martial arts by battling him to the death. And badger has forgotten the magic word which will transform Riley and him.

Badger #32 (First) Showdown in the South China Sea

Badger and Dorgan battle, and with the help of Riley, Badger manages to slay his opponent. Hop Li Sung unleashes the rest of his disciples on the pair, but Ham sends a toucan who reminds Badger of the magic word, and he activates his enchantment. Possessed by Roderick the Insatiable and Crazed Edgar, Badger and Riley make mincemeat of their enemies. No longer possessed, Badger catches up with Li Sung, and kills him in fair combat. Unknown to the Badger, this earns him a place in the forthcoming tournament.

Badger #33 (First) Kid Kang!

In Australia the Badger encounters kangaroo poachers, but comes off the worst from the encounter. He is saved from dying from exposure by an unknown individual. Badger catches up with the men who beat him up some time later, but the numbers are against him. He is saved for the second time by the intervention of Kid Kang, martial arts kangaroo.

Badger #34 (First) Underdog

Ham makes a bad deal with Count Kohler, a demon from another dimension. The Count transforms a bunch of metalheads into killer demons and lays siege to Ham's castle.

Badger #35 (First) Garden Party

The demons breach the castle walls, and nearly kill everyone before Ham manages to sacrifice the Count's precious Waffenpoof, and use the mystic energy therein gained to banish the Count and restore the metalheads to human form.

Badger #36 (First) Dire Wolf

Badger helps a high school sweetheart fight a villainous thug who is trying to drive her off her ranch, and encounters an ancient indian curse at the same time.

Badger #37 (First) Where the Buffalo Roam

Badger takes Lamont for a new hair cut in a mall in Houston, but on the way out Lamont takes exception to a man wearing a buffalo skin coat, and pursues him round the mall, causing total havoc as he does so.

Mad Town

Badger turns up on writer Mike Baron's door step, and goes out to "MacRonalds" for a meal with him. Naturally the Badger ends up causing chaos.

Badger #38 (First) Gabriel, Blow Your Horn

Badger forms an animal orchestra. which proves handy when it comes to impressing a Japanese businessman and music fan who is looking to build a new plant and is using each possible venues musical talent as a basis for his selection.


The Badger rescues a stolen bull for its owner.

Crossroads #2 (First) Payback

Jon Sable is hired to locate the remaining members of a squad of Vietnam vets whose survivors are being brutally murdered one by one. Badger and Melvin Funmaker prove to be the last two still living, and together they set out to discover the truth behind the murders and put a stop to them.

Crossroads #3 (First) Low Moon at Stonehenge

Ham is making a movie, and insists the Badger do the stunt work. But when he sends the Badger into the future to research new fighting styles for the movie, the hero returns with Luther Ironheart (American Flagg) in tow, and Count Kohler on his tail.

Badger #39 (First) Buddy

Badger uncovers a plot to frame pit bull film star Buddy McBride for murder.

Badger #40 (First) Sister Twyster

Badger helps Sister Twyster, an ex-Nazi transsexual nun, make reparations to S.S. victims, only to be shot by Raaspe, product of an Aryan genetic engineering project, who is bent on getting the Nazi money back.

Badger #41 (First) Twysted Sister

With Badger laid up due to his wound, Ham helps Sister Twyster hunt down Raaspe (the prospect of sacrificing a rare Aryan superman being too good to miss). The nun dies in the doing, but not before Raaspe is eliminated.

Badger #42 (First) Tall Tale

Out with Lamont. the Badger runs into Paul Bunyan and his famous blue ox, Babe.

Badger #43 (First) Blood Sucker

With a vampire in the neighbourhood Ham and Badger enlist the help of Senator Bob Kasten, famous vampire killer (and pig). They successfully slay one vampire, not realising that her brother is preying on Daisy. Upon the death of his sibling he rushes to confront them.

Badger #44 (First) Blood Sucker Part 2

After their initial battle against the second vampire is prematurely ended by sunrise, Badger, Ham and Senator Bob gear up for the rematch. The vampire tries to seduce Daisy while his minions keep the others busy, but she rejects him just before he comrades fight their way to where she is. Ham accidentally turns Daisy into a toad, and Badger battles the kung fu nosferatu. Senator Bob finishes the undead with a stunning forward roll that stakes the vamp on Kasten's wooden leg.

Hexbreaker Graphic Novel

The Badger is summoned to the once in a century martial arts tournament. En route he meets and falls for Mavis Davis, MD. They battle their way to the final, where Badger faces and kills his old foe, Hodag.

Badger #45 (First) "Mavis, Hold the Toad"

The newly married Badger and his wife, Mavis Davis Sykes, MD, look for a cure to return Daisy to human form. They run into Dr Buick Riviera, who is aiming to sacrifice Daisy for IBOB. After the dust settles Mavis figures out that the way to restore Daisy is with a kiss from her true love - Ham.

Bad Day

Badger and Riley spend the day together, with the latter trying to stop the former from constantly hitting everyone who annoys him.

Badger #46 (First) The Actor

Lord Weterlackus attempts to invade the Earth at the head of a demon army, only for his plans to fail when his followers are convinced he has mistakenly taken them to Cruikshank, a dimension which looks like Earth but which is inhabited by indestructible demons who are obsessed with quoting Shakespeare.

Badger #47 (First) Handmaidens of the Sacred Blood

Badger, Ham and Mavis are called in to assist the Handmaidens of the Sacred Blood, Sister Twyster's order, when an evil corporation starts raising parts of the Amazon and threatening the home of the legendary JuJu Jaguar.

Badger #48 (First) JuJu Jaguar

With the aid of the JuJu Jaguar and the Handmaidens, Badger and his friends manage to thwart the Rostaruck Corporation's plans to level parts of the Amazon.

Badger #49 (First) Frank Lloyd Wrong

Mavis decision to have a house built for Badger and her based on the designs of the dead and infamous architect Frank Lloyd Wrong sparks of a chain of events. Clarence Cornice, former assistant of Wrong's, escapes from the institute he is held in intent on preventing the building from happening, while Badger threatens the mayor, and gets thrown back inside. There he discovers that Wrong is still alive, and the two break out. Meanwhile the psychotic Clarence is heading for the castle.

The Insomniac

Unable to sleep the Badger takes Fuzzbuster into a bad part of the city to beat up muggers until he can relax enough to go to bed.

Badger #50 (First) Anemone of the People

While vacationing with Ham and Daisy at a sunny sea resort, the Badger is warned by Lewis Milestone, a sea anemone with excellent deductive skills which it uses to play the stock market, that the local oil rig is unstable and might blow at any minute. Needless to say nobody, least of all the crooked General who owns the rig and the island, believes him. Shame really, as it's all true of course.

Tear the Roof of the Sucker

With the return of Wrong (see last issue), there is a revival of interest in his designs, and Mavis and Badger are able to have their house built. But Clarence Cornice breaks in the first night and literally tears the roof off, causing the whole building to collapse. The couple decide to return home to Ham's castle for the foreseeable future.

Badger #51 (First) Full Contact

Badger meets a kick-boxing champion who made a deal with a demon to be invincible. When the demon, Nick, turns up to collect, the champion's wife pleads for Badger to save her hubby from his own folly, and the Badger obliges.

Badger #52 (First) Tinku

Badger and Mavis go to Bolivia to study the medicinal uses of donkey dung, but end up embroiled in the Tinku, a ritual fist fight between two villages.

Badger #53 (First) Behind the Black Door Part 1

Upon returning from Bolivia, Badger and Mavis find that Ham is enjoying a liaison with their new neighbour Shaza. But Shaza is an ancient Babylonian witch, and when the suspicious couple investigate her ziggurat home they are attacked by her demonic servant Edgar.

Badger #54 (First) Behind the Black Door Part 2

With the assistance of Badass the Demon Hunter, Badger and Mavis stop Shaza before she can sacrifice Ham and thus release her demonic master Zabala into the world.

Badger Goes Berserk 1-4

Badger's abusive step father returns, causing our hero to start shifting personalities constantly as it brings back a string of painful memories of the causes of his psychosis. Larry plans to use trained dogs taught to hate anyone who isn't white to start a race war. With the assistance of many of his friends, including Connie, Riley, Meldrum and Buddy McBride, Badger puts a stop to this scheme and puts the ghost of his past to rest.

Badger #55 (First) Thunder Lizard

While delivering sake serum to a clinic in British Columbia, Badger battles an unscrupulous cable network owner who is trying to catch the local sea-monster on film. Badger foils the nefarious plot, discovers the monster and even manages to find his mother's long lost watch.

Badger #56 (First) Jumprope to the Stars

After visiting his mother, Badger holds an alien warrior called Dominance at bay long enough for the sorcerer Krabby Kabongus to jump-rope through a dimensional "hot-spot" back to his home dimension of Gazastan. Dominance then holds a young boy hostage to force Badger to follow.

Badger #57 (First) Exit Fee 2 Dollars

In Gazastan Badger encounters the ghosts of John Wayne, Liberace and Warren Oates, as well as his old friend Kid Kang. Together with Krabby Kabongus, they defeat Dominance, who turns out to be a servant of Weterlackus, and manage to escape back to Earth.

Badger #58 (First) Emu the Gods Would Destroy

Badger goes to Australia with Lamont to race against the Wombat and his emu Emil. Bloody Jack Moran and Spuds Grogan attempt to kill the Badger during the race for thwarting their plans in the past (Badger #15, #16), but the Wombat stops them.

Badger #59 (First) Style

Badger is hired to clean up the streets of New York, but gets led astray by the world of high fashion.

Badger #60 (First) Scissors, Paper, Stone

The Chisum Brothers, masters of the scissors, paper and stone martial arts, kidnap Mavis' prize bull, King Wilhelm Irving Kamehameha. Badger pursues them, not realising that they are backed by a powerful demonic force.

Badger #61 (First) A Bunch of Stooges

Mavis and Ham call up the demon RatFinque to aid them in the rescue of Badger from the Chisum Brothers and their master, the demon Motorhead. The battle is finally decided in a monster-hot-rods-from-hell showdown.

Badger #62 (First) Funeral Home

Badger's mother dies, and is cremated. He subsequently discovers that her remains are burned by the funeral home with dozens of others for their gold, metal, etc, and that the urn he has been given are filled with ashes from a charcoal grill. The funeral directors responsible are smuggling heroin under the guise of bringing dead MIA's back home, so Badger and Riley break in to sort them out.

Badger #63 (First) The Worms Crawl In, the Worms Crawl Out

The two friends put the smuggling, body desecrating funeral directors out of business. The Yak turns up and makes pasta salad.

Badger #64 (First) Quint

Mavis rescues a legendary five-legged pony of the Asian highlands from the abusive owner of a carnival sideshow.

Badger #65 (First) Kruisin' With The King

The Badger and Elvis take on Colonel Sanders and Bruce Lee. At the end of the story it turns out that Elvis is actually an impersonator, and so is Colonel Sanders, and so is Bruce Lee. And so is the Badger. Back home the Badger wakes up to find that Lanier Lutefisk has stolen his car, his costume and the entire issue.

Badger #66 (First) The Wotan Seed

The Badger aids Joe Nappleseed, a peripatetic planter regreening corporate America, but the run fowl of chainsaw wielding martial arts gardeners.

Badger #67 (First) Babysitter

Badger is hired to babysit Farley Blutarski, TV comic and enfant terrible, but in spite of everything he does, he cannot prevent Farley's fair weather friends from throwing drugs at him, and eventually he overdoses.

Badger #68 (First) Foot Soldier

Badger and Mavis uncover a plot to bring the Great Old One Florscheim into our dimension, and manage to drive him back.

Badger #69 (First) When Badger Howls

Daisy finally releases her book detailing the history of the Badger and his friends.

Badger #70 (First) Klaus - final regular issue from First

Badger runs into Klaus, a.k.a. Santa Claus, and helps the beer swilling hard man do his rounds.

Badger Bedlam (First)

Badger is sent back to an asylum, where he runs into the Roach Wrangler once more.

Badger: Zen Pop Funny-Animal Version (Dark Horse)

No details as yet

Badger: Shattered Mirror (Dark Horse)

No details as yet

Badger (Image) #1-11

No details as yet

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