The Roach Wrangler

Real Name: Simon Pytheas

Identity/Class: Human mutated by magic

Occupation: former Pest Control Officer,  current mercenary

Affiliations: His roaches

Enemies: Badger

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Chicago.

First Appearance: The Badger #26 (First Comics, August 1987)

Powers/Abilities: As well as controlling cockroaches, the Wrangler is extremely strong and resilient.

History: The Roach Wrangler was once a pest control officer for the US Information Agency in the Sudan. He got lost in a sandstorm and fell into a pit, which turned out to be the entrance to an undiscovered Egyptian Tomb. He lay trapped there for thirty days with nothing to eat or drink but an endless parade of cockroaches that walked straight into his mouth. He could sense himself changing but was unable to prevent this mutation. One day the roaches bore him a wand in the shape of a giant cockroach, before carrying him to freedom. From that point on he could control cockroaches.

His mind warped by the experience, the Wrangler hired himself out to a Chicago slumlord, who used him to try and empty his properties so he could redevelop. When the Badger hunted the Wrangler down in the sewers and blew up most of his cockroaches, the Wrangler decided to take his remaining bugs (several billion of them) to Wisconsin to destroy the Badger's home in return. Badger faced him with an army of animals and vehicles which flattened his roach armada.

The Wrangler was locked away in a mental institute, and several years later met the Badger again when that worthy was also incarcerated.

Comments: Created by Mike Baron.

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