Real Name: Alfred Yak

Identity/Class: Unknown - human subspecies?

Occupation: Magician (retired)

Affiliations: Badger, Ham, Yeti

Enemies: IBOB

Known Relatives: None.

Aliases: None.

Base of Operations: formerly Tibet, currently unknown

First Appearance: The Badger #1 (Capital Comics, 1983)

Powers/Abilities: The Yak is a great magician, but has forsworn magic to prevent damaging the boundaries that protect this world from other, hostile dimensions. He is capable of dispelling the magic of others, as he does when Ham nearly flattens San Diego with a gigantic tidal wave.

History: The Yak is a magician who has given up casting spells and seeks to make others do the same, rather than risk exposing Earth to demonic forces from outside our dimension. When he sensed that Ham was awake and up to his old tricks he travelled to Wisconsin to stop him. When magic and force proved to be of no use, he remained with his servant Yeti waiting for Ham to summon a demon, so that the Yak could turn it against Ham. But Ham eventually began to cut back on the magery, in part because of an unpleasant encounter with Lord Weterlackus, and the Yak decided it was relatively safe to leave him alone.

Later, when Yeti reverted to savagery and IBOB targeted him as a blood sacrifice, Yak recruited Badger to find him first. Badger narrowly succeeded, but Yak appeared to die in a cave in, and Yeti wandered off on his own.

Comments: Created by Mike Baron.

The Yak is well over a millennia old - Yeti comments at one point that the Yak has not done a certain type of spell in at least 1100 years.


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