Badass the Demon Hunter

Real Name: Badass the Demon Hunter

Identity/Class: Supernatural being

Occupation: Demon Hunter

Affiliations: Badger, Mavis, presumably An

Enemies: Shazamar

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Fist of An

Base of Operations: Mobile.

First Appearance: The Badger # 53 (First Comics, November 1989)

Powers/Abilities: Badass is able to fire bolts of destructive magic from his hands. He can also energise weapons with this same destructive force, allowing them to do serious damage to demons. He is immortal and can be summoned by singing or playing the worst song in the world backwards.

History: For at least 4000 years Badass has been battling demons. He is the Fist of An, a mythical Babylonian demon hunter, who can be summoned to do battle by singing the worst song in the world backwards. In 2000 B.C. he fought Shazamar who was attempting to open the Black Door which would allow demons to flood our reality, successfully stopping her. She died, only to be reborn in the modern age, where she sought out Ham to be her blood sacrifice needed to open the door. Badger and Mavis summoned Badass and with his help they stopped her latest attempt to release her demonic lord Zabala into the world.

Comments: Created by Roger Salick and Tim Vigil.


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