The Phantom of Bascom Hill

Real Name: Doug ?

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: former Political activist, terrorist; current vigilante

Affiliations: Soviets

Enemies: Badger

Known Relatives: None.

Aliases: None.

Base of Operations: Tunnels beneath the University of Wisconsin.

First Appearance: The Badger #21 (First Comics, March 1987)

Powers/Abilities: The Phantom is a capable martial artist, and skilled at night fighting.

Doug minus the maskHistory: In 1971 Doug was an undergraduate at the University of Wisconsin protesting against the Vietnam War. Doug was a natural leader and preached revolution, but when he announced his intention to blow up a Navy Lab on campus, most of his fellow students decided he was going too far. On the early hours of a Sunday morning he parked his van which he had turned into a huge bomb alongside the lab. He ran inside to hit the fire alarm to make sure anybody inside would get clear, but he misjudged the timer and the bomb blew up while he was still inside. A grad student called Millie Peterson who had been working late was killed in the blast.

Doug was knocked through the sub-basement and into the honeycomb of tunnels below, much of his face burnt off by the heat. He managed to crawl out from the wreckage and took the night train to Canada. From there he made his way to Syria, where he enrolled in a Soviet-backed terrorist training camp, where he learned martial arts. But he refused to do the Soviets dirty work, so once he had learned what he wanted he wanted, he split and returned to his home town, where he took up residence beneath the campus. In 1983 he started beating up anyone who looked like a soldier if they made the mistake of wandering the campus at night. A few years later he learned his former sweetheart, now a college professor, was planning to get married to a Veteran, and attacked him. His ex called on her friend Riley Thorp, who brought the Badger in on the case. Badger confronted the Phantom, eventually convincing him to turn himself over to the authorities.

Comments: Created by Mike Baron.

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