Real Name: Pete Carter

Identity/Class: Human transformed by magic

Occupation: neo-Nazi; servant of Lord Weterlackus

Affiliations: Lord Weterlackus, the Sons of Freedom

Enemies: Badger, Ham

Known Relatives: None.

Aliases: None.

Base of Operations: Wisconsin

First Appearance: The Badger #10 (First Comics, March 1986)

Powers/Abilities: Before his transformation the Hodag was a good enough martial artist to defeat the Badger. After he changed he gained increased strength and a hide strong enough to resist knives.

The Hodag as a humanHistory: Pete Carter was a former Green Beret and karate expert, who liked to go by the nickname Hodag. He returned to Wisconsin were he formed the neo-Nazi group the Sons of Freedom. This led him into conflict with the Badger, and in spite of warnings he battled the vigilante atop an indian effigy mound. This drew down an ancient curse upon him, and he was slowly transformed into a creature that looked like a humanoid turtle. Hodag desperately sought a cure, eventually going into the service of Lord Weterlackus, who needed an assistant to help bring the wayward Weather Wizard Ham back into line. In return Weterlackus made him look human again. However he failed the demon and was stripped once more of his humanity.

Several years later the Badger participated in a mystic tournament of martial artists. Rather than injure a woman he had come to love, Mavis Davis, he allowed her to beat him in the semi-finals. But her masked opponent proved to be the Hodag, who killed her with little effort. The Badger went berserk and in a vicious battle he eventually overcame the Hodag and slew him too. The organisers of the contest brought Mavis back to life with their magic, and the Badger asked them to do the same for Hodag and restore his human countenance. They informed him they could do the former but not the latter, so the Badger told them not to bother, and he and Mavis were teleported away; whether the mages brought the Hodag back to life anyway is unknown.

Comments: Created by Mike Baron.


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