Lord Weterlackus

Real Name: Lord Weterlackus

Identity/Class: Demon

Occupation: Demon Lord

Affiliations: Hodag; formerly Ham

Enemies: Badger, Ham

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Slotman

Base of Operations: Unspecified demonic dimensions

First Appearance: The Badger #11 (First Comics, May 1986)

Powers/Abilities: Weterlackus is able to pretty much anything he desires using magic, so long as he has blood to fuel his powers. He has been seen to traverse dimensions, alter the weather, and alter the appearance of others. He is also extremely strong and can dismember people with his bare hands. He stands about seven feet tall.

History: Lord Weterlackus is a powerful demon lord who gains his powers from blood sacrifice. He used to supply Ham with energy, in return for offerings, but when Ham tried to cut back and gave up human sacrifice, Weterlackus was not happy. He sent a demon to show Ham the kind of sacrifices he wanted, and it proceeded to drop dead bodies, including human ones, outside the castle each night. However the Badger sliced and diced it fairly quickly.

Weterlackus then recruited the Hodag as a familiar and turned up at Ham's castle in person. He terrified the sociopathic wizard, who agreed to settle his debt to Weterlackus. But when the demon lord revealed he wanted Daisy Fields, Ham's secretary, he asked for the one thing the wizard truly cared about. Battle between all parties ensued, which ended for Weterlackus when Badger's animal familiars attacked him, gnawing his skin to the bone. Weterlackus escaped using his own blood as a power source, but he was hideously injured, and never fully recovered.

It was some time before he encountered the Badger again. Several years after nearly being eaten alive he brought a horde of demons to Earth over the Christmas period. However Badger tricked the superstitious demons into thinking they had instead arrived in Cruikshank, a dimension identical to Earth except that the inhabitants are 1. indestructible, 2. incredibly bloodthirsty for demon blood, and 3. obsessed with Shakespeare. They turned on Weterlackus, and he was forced to flee.

The last recorded meeting between the crazy hero and the demon lord happened in another dimension where Weterlackus was worshipped as "Slotman". Badger escaped that encounter after accurately throwing a couple of coins into the demon's exposed nostril cavities.

Comments: Created by Mike Baron.

After Badger sicced his animal friends on Weterlackus he never again was able to show a fair countenance to the world.

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