Mavis Davis Sykes

Real Name: Mavis Davis Sykes

Identity/Class: Normal human

Occupation: Doctor

Affiliations: Badger, Ham

Enemies: Hodag

Known Relatives: Brewster Davis (husband, deceased), Meldrick (son, deceased), Joan (daughter, deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Wisconsin.

First Appearance: Hexbreaker Graphic Novel (First Comics, 1988)

Powers/Abilities: Mavis is one of the top martial artists in the world. Like her husband she can communicate with animals.

History: Mavis was raised in a small village in Vietnam where she learned shamanistic practises from her grandmother and kung-fu from her father. Even at an early age she had the uncanny ability to speak to animals. When she was older, she studied medicine at the Ecurie Institute in Ho Chi Minh City, but she eventually fled her homeland and made her way via Australia to the USA, where she married Dr Brewster Davis and completed her medical studies at Northwestern University in Chicago.

She gave up her internship to become a mother, giving birth to two children, Meldrick and Joan, in rapid succession. But her husband took the children with him one night to pick up a pizza and their car was struck by a drunk. The three were killed instantly. Mavis renewed her studies of the martial arts, intending to win the Tournament of the Lotors so she could bring her family back to life.

Badger met her at the Tournament, but she lost her life to Hodag in the final round. Badger slew Hodag and wished her back to life as part of his prize, but the magic could not be used to revive her family. Mavis, having fallen in love with Badger, married him, and moved into Ham's castle as his wife.

Comments: Created by Mike Baron.


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