Captain Capacitor

Real Name: Gavin Capacitor

Identity/Class: Binome

Occupation: Software Pirate

Affiliations: Dot, Matrix, Web Riders, Mainframe, crew of the Saucy Mare

Enemies: Daemon

Aliases: The Crimson Binome

Base of Operations: Net-wide via the Saucy Mare

First Appearance: ReBoot #7, “The Crimson Binome”

Powers/Abilities: Capacitor wields a sword with FileLock abilities, paralysing opponents within green cubes. His ship, the Saucy Mare, can move at great speeds and contain its own Portal Generator as well as many powerful guns. During Season 3, the corpses of dead Web Spores were built around it as protection against the Web.

History: Capacitor and his crew were notorious Software Pirates, plundering Systems without mercy before coming to Mainframe. Here, Dot was able to convince them that greater profits were capable if they went into legitimate trading; they ended up becoming business partners with her.

When Daemon took over the Super-Computer, the pirates were forced to go on the run; the Saucy Mare and most of the crew ended up captured, with only Capacitor and Mr Christopher remaining free. Salvation came when they ran into Matrix, AndrAIa and Friskett (and later Ray) who were looking for a way into the Web - together, the crew was freed and the Saucy Mare voyaged through the Web and to Mainframe, rescuing Bob along the way. Their arrival turned the tide of the war against Megabyte, and the Mare was sacrificed in a bid to take out the ABC armada.

When we first saw Mainframe at war with Daemon, Gavin was missing in action and presumed deleted. According to a member of his crew, he is still alive but he was never shown on-screen. What happened to him is a mystery.

Comments: Capacitor is voiced by “Long” John Baldry.

He’s got a taste for the ladies, buttering up Dot and AndrAIa in his roguish way whenever he comes across them.

His best friend among his crew is Mr Christopher, his cowardly accountant.

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