Ray Tracer, Web-surfer

Real Name: Ray Tracer

Identity/Class: Search engine

Occupation: Web surfer

Affiliations: Mouse, AndrAIa, Matrix, Dot, Captain Capacitor

Enemies: Megabyte, Daemon

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Surfer

Base of Operations: The Web

First Appearance: ReBoot "Return of the Crimson Binome"

Powers/Abilities: Ray Tracer is able to traverse the Web on a flying surfboard. Though normally programs are degraded and damaged by exposure to the Web, he is protected from this, able to tranform his skin to make it metallic in appearance.

History: Ray Tracer first met Matrix and AndrAIa after he had been imprisoned by Guardians who had fallen under the infection of Daemon, the supervirus. They freed him, and he agreed to help them try and return to their home system, Mainframe. Once there, he fell into helping the local forces battling the virus Megabyte, and became romantically entangled with a Hacker called Mouse.

Comments: Voice provided by Donal Gibson

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