Real Name: Dot Matrix

Identity/Class: Sprite

Occupation: Businesswoman; Command.Com of Mainframe

Affiliations: Phong, Bob, Enzo, Captain Capacitor, Al, Mouse, AndrAIa, Hexadecimal, Hack and Slash, Specky

Enemies: Megabyte, Daemon

Known Relatives: Enzo Matrix(es) (brother), Wellman Matrix (father)

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: Principal Office; Dot's Diner

First Appearance: ReBoot #1 "The Tearing" (ABC, 10th September 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Skilled tactician.

History: The daughter of Mainframe's greatest scientist, when Wellman's experiment in locating other Systems led to the arrival of the viruses and the destruction of Mainframe's twin system, Dot Matrix was forced to raise herself and her brother Enzo at a young age; luckily, Bob the Guardian arrived from the Super Computer at the same time. The two developed a loving relationship but she'd had to fight off several rivals, from the hacker Mouse to the virus Hexadecimal. As well as running her own diner she also took a key role in Mainframe's administration, being the brains of the opposition in the war against Megabyte; she was the one responsible for freeing a sector from Megabyte's control.

When Bob was shot into the Net by Megabyte, she became the Command.Com of Mainframe while her brother became the new Guardian, and the two of them led the fight against the virals. However, Enzo & his friend AndrAIa ended up losing a game and were seemingly nullified, and from there things slid downhill as Megabyte took over while the system approached a total crash. The return of Bob, an older Enzo (now calling himself Matrix) and AndrAIa led to Megabyte's defeat and the system was rebooted to its former glory by the User.

Dot now commanded the system in the counterstrike against the supervirus Daemon, who'd infected all the Guardians and was dominating the Net. Around this time, her father Wellman returned in Null form. Due to little knowledge about the enemy's capabilities, Dot made several tactical errors and only Hexadecimal's sacrifice saved the day. With the war over, Dot proposed to Bob - only for another Bob to return from the Web, one in his pre-war form. She ended up nearly marrying this one but it turned out to be Megabyte in disguise, leaving her emotionally wounded. A plan by her led to the new shape-shifting Megabyte being quickly and easily captured, but this turned out to be an Alias [mentally-controlled copy]; the real Megabyte attacked the Principal Office and took it over. As the show ended, Dot was left to think of a way to stop this new threat.

Comments: Dot is voiced by Kathleen Barr.

Dot not only runs her own diner but also owns Al's Diner, a seedy bar in a ghetto sector, as a subsidiary.

Hack and Slash, formerly Megabyte's henchmen, now act as her bodyguards.

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