Real Name: AndrAIa

Identity/Class: Game sprite

Occupation: Guardian, former game sprite

Affiliations: Phong, Bob, Enzo / Matrix, Captain Capacitor, Al, Mouse, Frisket

Enemies: Megabyte, Daemon

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mainframe

First Appearance: ReBoot "AndrAIa"

Powers/Abilities: AndrAIa is extremely fast and agile. She can extend and fire her fingernails to deadly effect, or extend the fins on her forearms to block attacks.

History: AndrAIa was a game sprite who took a shine to Enzo while her game was in play in Mainframe. Faking her icon so that she appeared to belong to Mainframe, not the game, she managed to remain behind when the game departed. She remained Enzo's greatest proponent thereafter, and when Bob, the city's guardian, was lost to the Web, she accompanied Enzo into the games when the young sprite tried to defend the city in his place. Like Enzo she was trapped when they finally lost a game, and in order to survive the two of them altered their icons so that they could travel from system to system within games. For years they searched for a way home, growing up into adults as they did so. Eventually they managed to locate the missing Bob and find their way back to Mainframe.

Comments: Voice provided by Andrea Libman for the young AndrAIa, and Sharon Alexander for the adult.


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