Real Name: Megabyte

Identity/Class: Virus

Occupation: Viral tyrant

Affiliations: Hack and Slash

Enemies: Bob, Dot, Enzo, Phong

Known Relatives: Hexadecimal

Aliases: Killabyte; Gigabyte

Base of Operations: Silicon Tor

First Appearance: ReBoot #1 "The Tearing" (ABC, 10th September 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Megabyte is immensely strong and endurable, armed with retractable claws and the ability to infect machinery and PID's with a touch. After his sojourn in the web, he had the ability to shape-shift, to create Aliases of himself and had tentacles that could shoot out and infect sprites from a distance. His greatest ability, however, is his powerful and manipulative mind.

History: He started life as Killabyte, a minor beastial virus awaiting deletion at the Super Computer. This all changed when a Gateway program from Mainframe upgraded him to the superpowerful Gigabyte before depositing him in Mainframe's twin city and splitting him into Megabyte and Hexadecimal- the resulting explosion destroyed the city and turned it into Lost Angles. From that moment on, Megabyte has worked to gain domination of Mainframe and ultimately return to and infect the Super Computer. He managed to gain control of several sectors and create his own airforce- the ABCs -but was constantly thwarted by the Guardian Bob and his comrades.

The system came under threat from the Web and Megabyte was forced to unite with his enemies- but he used this opportunity to shoot Bob into the Web and destroy the bulk of Mainframe's CPU airforce, leaving Mainframe near defenceless. He moved to dominate the system and started a propaganda campaign against the Guardian Cadet Enzo Matrix, but ended up sealed inside a single sector by an inverted Firewall. However, Enzo later lost a game and ended up trapped in the Net - with no Guardian, games kept being lost and sectors were nullified. Megabyte was able to break loose and take over the System at last, before Bob and Matrix returned and shot him into the Web.

The Web altered Megabyte severely, making him larger and more hideous and giving him many new abilities- including Trojan Horse abilities, allowing him to change shape. He returned to Mainframe in the form of a pre-Web Bob, causing confusion and causing the real Bob to be viewed as a copy. Dot Matrix almost married the disguised Megabyte before his disguise was broken and he was forced to flee. Quickly assembling a new army, he created an Alias [mentally-controlled copy] of himself that was captured by a CPU strike team, and sneaked into the Principal Office in the guise of Matrix's dog Frisket. Here he took over the building, had the heroes scattered and prepared to exact his revenge...

Comments: Voiced by Tony Jay.

The last shown episode of Reboot had Megabyte emerging victorious and advising his enemies to "prepare yourselves for the hunt". It's unknown if any new episodes will ever be made to deal with this cliffhanger.

His airforce, the ABCs, are named after the ABC Network who decided they weren't going to buy anymore Reboot episodes past Season 2. To quote the CPUs: "I say! The ABCs are turning on us!" "Treacherous dogs!"

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