Enzo, aka Matrix

Matrix, the grown up EnzoReal Name: Enzo Matrix

Identity/Class: Sprite

Occupation: Guardian

Affiliations: Frisket, Phong, Bob, Captain Capacitor, Al, Mouse, AndrAIa, Hexadecimal, Hack and Slash, Specky, Ray Tracer, himself, Dot

Enemies: Megabyte, Daemon

Known Relatives: Wellman Matrix (father), Dot

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Mainframe

First Appearance: ReBoot #1 "The Tearing" (ABC, 10th September 1994)

Powers/Abilities: As a youth, Enzo was resourceful, determined and agile, but otherwise had no special abilites. By the time he became the adult known as Matrix, he was even more resourceful, driven and extremely agile, as well as being exceptionally strong. He was also a deadly shot with his blaster weapon, which could destroy most viruses with a single shot.

Enzo and FrisketHistory: Enzo was the younger brother of Dot Matrix. When the Guardian Bob came into their lives, the young sprite swiftly came to idolise him, and expressed the desire to become a Guardian too one day. He got his wish all too soon, when Bob was betrayed by temporary ally Megabyte, and fired out into the Web, apparently lost forever. Enzo took on the responsibilites of the lost Bob to "mend and defend" Mainframe against the virus and the damaging games played by "users".

Things swiftly went wrong when he, his pet dog Frisket, and ally, gamesprite AndrAIa, lost a game against the user. They should have been nullified, but instead they survived by using the reverse of a trick which had brought AndrAIa to Mainframe - they masked their icons to pretend they were gamesprites belonging to the game they were in. The result of this was that they survived and were able to escape the next time the game was played. Unfortunately, they discovered that the game had not been played in Mainframe, but in another system. They were now lost in the Web, moving from system to system in this manner, each time hoping that the next system might be home. Years past in this manner, and the two children grew up into battle-hardened adults. Enzo in particular became full of unresolved anger and bitterness over the loss of his loved ones. Going by his surname of Matrix, he became obssessed with destroying viruses, and very adept at doing so. He and AndrAIa were lovers by this point, and it was only her care that kept him from going completely over the edge.

Eventually, after he had given up hope of making it home, Matrix encountered an old ally, Captain Capacitor, a.k.a. the Crimson Binome, a data pirate possessed of a vessel capable of traversing the Web. The group took passage on this ship, planning to return to Mainframe. Ironically, after years of hoping he might find his lost friend Bob to no avail, the prodigal was located on the trip home through the Web. The entire party returned home to discover that due to time running faster in games and some systems, they had only left the beleaguered Mainframe a relatively short time before. Matrix was reunited with his sister and managed to get a chance of facing his old nemesis Megabyte in single combat...and winning. However the damage done in his absence was still too great for the system, and Mainframe collapsed. Luckily Dot and Bob had foreseen this, and taken some precautions, hoping to get the user to do a full system reboot which would restore everything to the way it had once been. Matrix had his icon set to gamesprite mode, and thus was registered as missing by the system checks during the reboot. As a result, when the reboot completed, everyone was shocked to discover that a new, young version of Enzo had been created to replace the old one absent from the database.

The two Enzos now share an unusual relationship - for the young version, Matrix is a dark possibility of the man he could become, while for the elder, young Enzo reminds him of his innocent and naive days...and lets him see just how annoying he used to be!

The new young Enzo started off in Season 4 idolising Matrix and started dressing like him, trying to act like him and demanding people called him “Little Matrix”. When it came down to it and Daemon had taken over Mainframe, he realised he wasn’t Matrix. Instead, he changed his outfit to a Guardian uniform (probably a costume) and set out with the help of Hack, Slash and Friskett to stop the virus. He snapped Matrix out of the infection’s control, who then discovered that switching from infected Game Sprite Icon to clean Guardian Icon would cure the virus; using this, they were able to stop Daemon. Effectively, young Enzo saved the whole Net.

Comments: Jesse Moss and Matthew Sinclair provided the young Enzo's voice, while Paul Dobson provided Matrix, the adult version.

Thanks to Charles Ellis for information regarding Enzo in Season 4.

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