Real Name: Bob

Identity/Class: Computer program

Occupation: System Guardian

Affiliations: The Guardians, Dot, Enzo, AndrAIa, Phong, the Crimson Binome, Mouse, Ray Tracer, Dixon, Mike, Frisket, Dixon Green (former partner)

Enemies: Megabyte, Daemon, Deacon

(former) Hexadecimal, Hack and Slash

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Guardian 452, Interface

Base of Operations: Mainframe

First Appearance: ReBoot #1 "The Tearing" (ABC, 10th September 1994)

Powers/Abilities: Bob is skilled in game playing, quick to adapt and skilled in combat and most modes of transportation. He used a device called Glitch, a multi-function keytool placed on his arm, to access systems and combat the

History: Bob was a Guardian, programmed to mend and defend systems he came across. Upon arriving in Mainframe he made the acquaintance of Dot and Enzo Matrix, and decided to stay to defend the system against the viruses Megabyte and Hexadecimal. He did a fair job of this until the system came under threat from the Web. Forced to work alongside his old enemies, he succeeded in locking the intruding Web out of Mainframe, only to be betrayed by Megabyte, who fired him into the void. He survived, and became affiliated with the mutated Web-Riders, until he was found by his old friend Enzo, now aged prematurely to adulthood. Together they returned to Mainframe to deal with Megabyte once and for all.

In order to survive during his time in the Web, Bob had been forced to merge with Glitch - they combined into one highly-powerful being, who could demolish ABCs with single shots and was able to cure Hexadecimal of her insanity. However, Glitch had been damaged before the merger and so the merger was unstable. It did not take long before Bob started to feel pain and passed out after strenuous use of his Glitch powers, to the extent that he couldn’t ReBoot. Continued use of his Glitch powers would result in total fragmentation.

The supervirus Daemon wasn’t concerned about that and infected him so she could access via Portal all the closed-off Systems. Bob nearly died as a result of this. If things weren’t bad enough, a second Bob looking exactly like he used to pre-exile showed up from the Web, casting his identity into doubt - was he real or just a copy? The two Bob’s ended up as competitors for Dot’s affections and “Glitch-Bob” tried to separate himself from Glitch in order to have a better chance. The attempt nearly killed him but was eventually successful. By the end of it, Bob was not only separated from his Keytool but his Web degradation had been cured, restoring him to his old self. Just what Mainframe needed as the second Bob turned out to be a Web-degraded Megabyte in disguise, leading to a vicious battle between Guardian and Virus.

Comments: Voiced by Michael Benyaer in the first two seasons of the show, and Ian James Corlett thereafter.

Bob, while he gives as good as he gets in fights, is opposed to deleting enemies unless left with no other choice. This led to him forming a radical theory of reprogramming viruses to be benign instead of deleting them. It worked with Hexadecimal but he wants to manage it with Megabyte.

Bob’s Keytool Glitch is a sentient being and a highly-powerful one. When a Guardian gets a Keytool, the two exchange part of their Code and they are incomplete when apart. Season 4 revealed that he was not the first Guardian to have it - his tutor/partner Dixon Green had it first and Glitch switched to Bob after her death.

Thanks to Charles Ellis for additional information.

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