Real Name: Daemon

Identity/Class: Cron Supervirus

Affiliations: The infected SuperComputer, Mike the TV, Daecon, Turbo

Enemies: Mainframe, Hexadecimal, Turbo

Aliases: The Word

Base of Operations: The SuperComputer

First Appearance: “Daemon Rising”; first mentioned in “The Episode With No Name”

Powers/Abilities: Daemon is immensely powerful, possessing incredible strength and endurance and a high infection rating - she can infect people and whole Systems just by touching the ground. Her infection turns Sprites into fanatics willing to die for her while also preaching of the glory of “the Word” - despite this, the infected Sprites appear to be at peace inside. Daemon is designed to infect as much as possible and at a specific time, she will die and start a countdown that will destroy all she infected; she can cause this to happen to specific individuals at will. When inside the SuperComputer Clock Speed Room (where her throne rests), she can control the flow of time, slowing down bullets and halting explosions.

History: (Season 2) Rumours were heard of the Web invading Systems. Later on Turbo (Prime Guardian) stated that it was Daemon that caused a Webcreature to arrive in Mainframe - this suggests that Daemon was somehow provoking Web attacks in order to distract the Guardians, allowing her to infect the SuperComputer. Once she had it, she used the Guardians to restrict all Net travel between Systems. Anyone found breaking this law would be deleted. Some Systems managed to seal themselves off from the Net in time - as the Keytools had left the Guardians when the infection spread, they couldn’t use Portals to enter these Systems. She didn’t try to infect any Systems at this point, instead placing her infection within ‘seeds’ - little egg-shaped bombs that were placed within Core Rooms to activate at a designated time and infect Systems.

(Season 3 and 4) Bob and Matrix were the only uninfected Guardians, with Turbo fighting her control (and ultimately failing). When Mainframe began fighting against Daemon’s rule, she turned her attention to it and discovered that Bob had merged with his Keytool Glitch. She instantly put all her resources into trying to capture Mainframe so she could infect Bob and use him to reach the sealed Systems. AndrAIa and Mike were captured and infected; Mouse and Matrix showed up to rescue her, getting infected themselves and thus giving Daemon the key to bypass all the defences Mouse had built. At the same time, the seeds detonated and infected 92% of the Net.

Daemon entered Mainframe, infected Bob and then used him to infect the remaining Systems. Victory seemed at hand. What she didn’t know, however, was that the young Enzo (as well as Hack, Slash and Friskett) had avoided her infection by being within a Game. Enzo was able to shake Matrix out of the infection so they could use his clean Guardian Code (as he was infected when his Icon was in Game Sprite mode) to cure Hexadecimal. Daemon suddenly found herself in a battle against an enraged, Core-powered Hex and when she reached the end of her runtime and activated the countdown to oblivion, Hex sacrificed herself to spread the cure throughout the Net. All traces of Daemon were wiped, as if she’d never been.

Comments: Daemon is voiced by Colombe Demers.

Daemon refers to two things - the Biblical daemons and the computer daemons, which are programs designed to wait unnoticed for conditions to arise, with a cron daemon being a local timed execution command. As such, everything about Daemon shows influences of religion and time.

Daemon is a very young, seemingly innocent virus who doesn’t view what she’s doing as evil - in fact, she sees it as spreading peace. Despite that, she can be ruthless, killing all who travel the Net unauthorised and killing her general Daecon when he failed. She doesn’t see anything evil about this though.

In “The Episode With No Name”, infected Guardians were ruthless villains armed to the teeth; four years later, when “Daemon Rising” was made, they acted like kamikaze hippies. It has been theorised that the Guardians seen earlier were not fully infected. As they were hunting for uninfected Guardians, it could be Daemon left them only slightly infected as she needed their ruthless natures to get the job done.

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