Publisher: Quality Communications

Format: Monthly anthology magazine

First Issue: Warrrior #1 (March 1982)

Last Issue: Warrior #26 (Feburary 1985)

Strips: Father Shandor, Laser Eraser and Pressbutton, The Legend of Prester John, Marvelman, The Spiral Path, V for Vendetta

Comments: The brainchild of Dez Skinn, formerly Marvel U.K. editor, Warrior Magazine saw the bringing together of much of Britain's brightest young talent of the time (Alan Moore, Steve Dillon, David Lloyd, etc), producing creator owned strips. Issues arose when Marvel Comics apparently took umbrage at the character Marvelman (even though he actually pre-dated Marvel Comics proper), and a threat of legal action took him from the title mid-story - the loss of what was arguably the magazine's most popular strip left Warrior weakened, and shortly afterwards it folded. A number of the strips within subsequently saw reprint and completion in American titles, both under Quality's U.S.-style imprint, and by companies such as Eclipse (Marvelman, now retitled Miracleman to avoid the legal problems) and D.C. (V for Vendetta)

Superhuman Characters


Kid Marvelman

Young Marvelman



Big Ben


Axel Pressbutton

Laser Eraser

V for Vendetta

Shandor, Demon Stalker

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