Laser Eraser

Real Name: Mysta Mystralis

Identity/Class: Normal human (clone)

Occupation: Assassin (a.k.a. Eraser)

Affiliations: Axel Pressbutton

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: Ektryn ("mother", deceased)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Sound Magazine

Powers/Abilities: Highly trained assassin, skilled with many weapons.

History: Mysta is a clone of Ektryn, the fabled warrior woman of the planet Nagflar. In 4562 AD, Ektryn was encased in molten silver at the age of 32 by a local warlord called Dontir. Dontir's son later founded the Dendrellian Order of Assassins in 4580, and they cloned Mysta Mystralis from Ektryn's remains in 5076 (which means she's only thirteen in the Laser Eraser strip, though she looks older due to growth acceleration).

Mysta is one of the top assassin's in the galaxy, often working with cyborg Axel Pressbutton.

Comments: Many thanks to Chris "Doc TOC" Halliday for providing details of Mysta's origins.

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