Publisher: D.C.Thomson

Format: Weekly anthology comic

First Issue: Warlord #1 (28th September 1974)

Last Issue: Warlord #627 (27th September 1986)

Absorbed: Bullet (with issue #220, in 1978)

Absorbed into: Victor

Strips: Albert's Army, The Best of Enemies, Big Willi, Bligh of the Fasture, Bomber Braddock, The Bonzo Express, Cassidy, Catfoot, Clancy's Crew, Codename: Warlord, The Crusher, Digger Dan, Falken, Fireball, Goum, Harrier Squadron, Iron Annie, Kampfgruppe Falken, Kelly's Choppers, Killer Kane, The Long Walk, Madoc, Master of the Mongols, Parker's Private Army, The Phantom Don-R, Rats United, Rayker, Ryker, The Sea Slug, Sgt Heavy, Smokey Joe, Sniper, Spider Wells, Stolberg, The Tankies, Union Jack Jackson, Weapons in Action, Wingless Wonder, Wolverine, Young Wolf


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