UK Heroes

Other sites covering British comic characters: - one of the best resources for information on UK comics, still growing fast.

Down the Tubes - comic book news and information, with a focus on the U.K.

Toonhound's Fleetway Street site.

To make the list of heroes (and the odd villain) easier to navigate, I've split it into sections. In order to keep things at a manageable size, I've had to lay ground rules as to who does or doesn't qualify for entry. I originally didn't include any of the innumerable western or war comic strip heroes unless they have a "superheroic" twist to them, but after seeing how little coverage there is for many minor British comic characters I've loosened up on that requirement, although superhuman types are still my priority. The same goes for literary adventurers and detectives - there are just too many of them, so unless they have a strong element of the fantastic to them, I'll usually leave them out (so no Miss Marple but yes to Sherlock Holmes who has been credited with some paranormal adventures).

Historical / Mythical: The heroes that have been handed down to us from hundreds of years ago.

Literary: Heroes who originated in prose, whether it be novels or short stories.

Television, Radio and Film: British fictional heroes who first appeared on the small or big screen.

Roleplaying Characters: Two roleplaying games in particular feature British heroes created by British authors - Golden Heroes and Kingdom of Champions. Listed here are the heroes, villains and others from those games.

General comic book heroes: From the end of the Victorian era to the present day, characters who appeared in titles such as Hotspur, Valiant, 2000A.D. and the Eagle.


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