Axel Pressbutton

Real Name: Axel ?

Identity/Class: Cyborg

Occupation: Mercenary, former botanist

Affiliations: Mysta Mystralis

Enemies: Vegan Green Fungus

Known Relatives: None.

Aliases: None.

Base of Operations: Unknown.

First Appearance: Dark Star #22, Sound Magazine, Warrior Magazine

Powers/Abilities: Cyborg killing machine, armed with a deadly blade where his left hand should be.

History: Axel was a mild-mannered botanist who had been three-quarters devoured by Vegan Green Fungus. Vegan Green Fungus is a sentient, telepathic and extremely well-mannered carnivorous plant, and the experience of being slowly devoured by a plant that kept telling him how grateful it was, how delicious he was and how much it was enjoying the experience snapped his mind. He became psychotic, with an irrational hatred of plants and vegetables. His working name comes from the large button on his chest, which is wired directly into his brain's pleasure centres as a way of compensating for his loss.

Comments: In Warrior Magazine Pedro Henry and Steve Dillon teamed up Sounds magazine's psychotic cyborg, Axel Pressbutton and Mysta Mystralis, top eraser of the 52nd century. The stories told the inter-galactic (and sometimes bawdy) adventures of a hard-hearted female professional assassin and her mentally unstable male cyborg sidekick.

The following information was kindly provided by Chris "Doc TOC" Halliday:

"Axel Pressbutton: Pressbutton's adventures have bizarrely appeared almost entirely in reverse order. His first appearance was actually in the London-based rock magazine, Dark Star #22, in which he died at the age of 55, as one of "Three-Eyes McGurk's Death Planet Commandos". He later appeared as a leading character in "The Stars My Degredation" from episode 5, which takes place eight years before the Dark Star strip. His adventures with Mysta Mystralis take place 14 years before the events of "The Stars My Degredation", in 5089 AD. Pressbutton's origin was detailed in the Warrior 1982 Summer Special"

Many thanks to Chris for providing this information and his origin (detailed above).


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