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Formerly known as National Periodicals, D.C. Comics took it's new name from one of it's most successful titles, Detective Comics, the origin place of Batman. At present this site has no plans to cover heroes of the mainstream D.C. Universe (plenty of other sites do that), but there are a number of characters, often creator owned, that D.C. has published, either directly or as part of their Vertigo imprint. They also bought out a number of other comics companies over the years, inheriting their characters, some of whom have now been absorbed into the D.C. universe. More recently they've struck up licensing deals, bringing characters still owned by other companies (notably Archie's superheroes and Milestone) into the DC universe, and their new First Wave universe for "pulp" style and non-powered heroes.

Characters and universes now owned by DC, as components of the main DC universe

All-American Publications

National Periodicals





Since Infinite Crisis, DC has a 52-realities/alternate Earths multiverse. In some of those realities, there are versions of the characters who once belonged to other companies, with few of the changes that happened to them since their counterparts were merged with the main DC reality.

Characters and universes now licensed to DC, and merged into the main DC universe


Red Circle

T.H.U.N.D.E.R. Agents

Characters and universes owned by DC, but not part of their main universe (but some part of their larger multiverse)

Elseworlds Watchmen


D.C. Universe Movie and T.V. variations Impact

Other licensed characters published by DC at one time or another

Griffin Fighting American Ronin

First Wave

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