Publisher: D.C. Thomson

Format: Weekly comic strip anthology

First Issue: Topper #1 (7th February 1953)

Last Issue: Topper #1874 (15th September 1990)

Absorbed: Buzz, Sparky

Absorbed into: The Beezer and Topper

Strips: A Day in the Life of A Super Salesman, Al Change, Ali's Baba, The Amazing Peet from Planet K, Andy Ladd, Beryl the Peril, Big Fat Flo, Big Uggy, Big X, Bogeyman, Captain Blood, Danny's Tranny, Desert Island Dick, Dopey Joe, Figaro!, Flip McCoy – the Flying Boy, Foxy, Fred the Flop, Ghastly Manor, Hoozee the Whatsit, Hungry Horace, Inky Top Imps, The Iron Eaters, Jimmy Jinx and What He Thinks, Jimmy’s Mighty Midgets, Jingo the Jester, The Jolly Rogers, Julius Cheeser, Keyhole Kate, King Gussie, Mickey the Monkey, The Mysterious Monty Mercury, Nobby, Numskulls, Peter Piper, Pup Parade, Quiz Kid, Scaredy Cat, Send for Kelly, Sir Laughalot, The Sky Shark, Smart Art, Souper Boy, Spike, Splodge; Splursh, the Marsh 'Un; Stavros, Super Specs, Thor Thumb, Tiny, Tiny Tim, Tom and Terry, Tricky Dicky, Werewolf Willy, The White Witch, The Whizzers from Ozz, Willy Nilly, Wulf of the Arrows


Hoozee the Whatsit

Splursh's first encounter with his soon-to-be friend Mary.

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