a.k.a.: The Sparky Book

Publisher: D.C. Thomson

Format: Weekly anthology

First Issue: Sparky #1 (23rd January 1965)

Last Issue: Sparky #652 (16th July 1977)

Absorbed: None

Absorbed into: Topper

Strips: Sparky, Joe Bann and his big Banjo, Keyhole Kate (a revival of The Dandy character), The Young Castaways, Jeff ye Jolly Jester, Hockey Hannah, Wee Tusky (Dandy revival), Hungry Horace (Dandy revival), Dreamy Dave and Dozy Dorah, Minnie Ha-Ha (translated French reprint), The Kidnapped Kidds, The Palace of Secrets (text story), Nosey Parker, Flubberface, Freddy the Fearless Fly (Dandy revival), Dick Turpentine (reprint from Magic), Stone-Age Steve (Magic reprint), Hairy Dan (Beano reprint), The Moonsters, Cuckoo in the Clock, Winnie the Witch, Peter Piper (Beano revival), Pansy Potter (Beano revival), Big Klanky, L.Cars, Slowdown Express, Fireman Fred, Invisible Dick (Dandy revival), The Horse With Wings, Barney Bulldog (initially John Bulldog), Puss and Boots; I, Spy; Some Mummies Do 'Ave 'Em!, Thingummy Blob, Spoofer McGraw, Wyatt Twerp, Helpful Henry, Esky Mo, Willy the Woeful Wizard, Frosty McNab (Beano revival), Dick Turpentine (Beano revival), Ma Jolly and her Brolly (Dandy revival), Riddle of the Roughlands, Kipper Feet, McGinty the Goat, Raiders from the Red Planet, The Year of the Vanaks; Gilpin the Lost, Lost Boy; The Flood That Mother Remembers, Ali and his Baba, Bushboy, Super Witch


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