Thor Thumb

Real Name: Nathaniel Jones

Identity/Class: Human mutate (maybe magically transformed)

Occupation: Superhero, former accountant

Affiliations: Professor Crump

Enemies: Gorillape, the Clanger, Ivan Orridnose, Maddas A. Hatter, the Black Slapper, the Bubbling Bandit, Johann S. Trouse, the Spellbinder, Noc Imoff, Nijinsky (the Silly Scientist), Walter the Wasp, Fritz Shoemaker

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Thor Superhuman

Base of Operations: Unknown

First Appearance: Topper #979 (D.C.Thomson, 6th November 1971)

Powers/Abilities: Thor has a mystic hammer which allows him to fly. It literally has a mind of its own, and if Thor insults it, it is capable of hitting him for doing so. He may also have some level of superhuman strength, but the strip I have doesn't demonstrate this. However, he can strike things with his hammer with superhuman force, hitting an ocean liner hard enough to launch it into the air.

History: Thor Thumb appears to be a midget version of the ancient Norse God. He works as a superhero, reporting to the Professor, who in turn reports to the Prime Minister. While not overly bright, he is a dedicated hero and his perseverance usually wins through in the end.

Comments: Created by Michael Kelly (writer) and Murray Ball (artist), Thor Thumb appeared in Topper #979 through 1074, plus the Topper Books (annuals) 1974-1980. His strip in the weekly were single pagers, a total of 96 issues; most adventures were completed in one issue, but a handful were multi-part stories.

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