Souper Boy

Real Name: Sidney Braithwaite

Identity/Class: Human transformed by chemical substances

Occupation: School boy

Affiliations: Unknown

Enemies: Oscar the Ogre (from Ghastly Manor)

Known Relatives: Unidentified mother and father, Billy (baby cousin), May (aunt, Billy's mother), unidentified uncle (May's husband), Maisie (aunt), Uncle Charlie (not the same uncle, as Charlie lives in Australia), Uncle Sydney (another uncle in Australia), unidentified grandaunt, unidentified grandmother, Sir Francis Braithwaite (Elizabethan ancestor), Sidney McBraithwaite (Roman era ancestor), Sir Hilary Braithwaite (20th century explorer ancestor)

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Toppertown

First Appearance: Topper #1374 (D.C.Thomson, 1979)

Powers/Abilities: Super strength (he can lift entire office blocks) and speed (he runs from the south of England to the Highlands of Scotland in seconds), and can even generate whirlwinds by running round in circles. He has telescopic "souper" sight. He's also superhumanly durable, heading a large airborne rock without injury and being struck repeatedly in the head by a pneumatic drill without even noticing it, and can hold his breath underwater for an unspecified but lengthy time. When wearing flippers (he was going swimming when he took his soup) he can fly by flapping his feet really fast. He can leap incredible distances, and survive in space, as evidenced by the time he leapt from his U.K. home to an orbiting satellite, hung on to the satellite while he examined it, then leapt down to Australia; he's also leapt to Australia in a single jump. He can blow gale force winds, accidentally doing so when he sneezes.The soup works for anyone or anything that drinks it, including animals. If someone who was strong to begin with drinks it (as with Oscar the Ogre) they become stronger than Souper Boy. The effects of the soup wear off in time, though exactly how quickly seems unclear; it probably depends how much is drunk. 

History: For generations, since at least Roman times, the Braithwaite family have possessed a recipe for a soup that temporarily transforms whoever drinks it with superhuman abilities. The latest member of the family to use it is the otherwise weedy Sidney Braithwaite, who becomes the inept hero Souper Boy.

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