The Inky-Top Imps

Membership: Tommy Armitage, Jenny Bamforth, Charlie Cluff, Zoe Oldroyd, Tubby Butterworth, Lanky Reeves.

Purpose: Mainly just to spend time together, enjoying each other's company

Affiliations: Gran'dad McPherson

Enemies: V-Men, Vengeance Master

Base of Operations: Inky-Top Hill, near Arkside in the county of Arkdale

First Appearance: Topper #741 (D.C.Thomson, 15th April 1967)

History: "In the village of Arkside in Arkdale live six close chums. The youngsters have a secret hide-out in a cave high on Inky-Top Hill which rises above Arkdale, and so they call themselves the Inky-Top Imps." The cave has a hidden entrance behind a hinged stone. In the cavern behind is a spring of special water. One gulp of the strange liquid gives the drinker some fantastic powers he did not normally possess.

Charlie gains superhuman strength when he drinks the water; Tommy can "run like a deer" and "swim and dive like a seal"; Tubby becomes a fearless rock climber; Lanky can "out-jump any kangaroo." In the case of the two girls, I don't know what special powers they get from drinking the water. When Tubby's Gran'dad McPherson accidentally drank it, he gained superhuman strength.

Comments: The Inky-Top Imps appeared in Topper #741–814 (1967-68) and #955-978 (1971)

Thanks to Stephen Montgomery for providing the initial information and pictures on these characters.

Charlie has a dog called Bones who joins him on the groups' adventures.

Tubby Butterworth

Lanky Reeves

Charlie Cluff

Tommy Armitage

Jenny Bamforth

Zoe Oldroyd


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