Real Name: Mouse

Identity/Class: Hacker programme

Occupation: Hacking/ hired sword/ mercenary/ Savior of Mainframe

Affiliations: No known official affixations but has strong ties to the System Mainframe; Bob (likes him and so willing to assist him); Ray Tracer (romantically involved); Turbo (former employer); Megabyte (former employer)

Enemies: Megabyte/ Daemon/ any one that double crosses her or threats her friends.

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None known

Base of Operations: No permanent base, but spends a lot of time in system Mainframe

First Appearance: ReBoot "The Great Brain Robbery" (Season 1 Episode 10 But she is mentioned and her symbol appears in Episode 7, "The Crimson Binome")

Powers/Abilities: Expert hacking and coding abilities. Mouse is also extremely skilled with the used of a Katana and Wakizashi in combat. She is also sly and sneaky with a knack for slipping in and out of places unnoticed.

History: Little is known of Mouse before her appearances in Mainframe. It has been mentioned that she and Bob had shared some past relationship, and that Bob has stopped her (at lest once) from hacking into the super computer. It is also known that Mouse had a run in with the Crimson Binome and his crew, in which she was captured and was the first to escape from the ship's hold.

Some time after that she was hired by Megabyte to pilot and operate a brain control device that was to be shrunk to microscopic form and ingested by Bob. Fortunately Enzo ended up being the one with the brain control device in him. When Bob confronted Mouse he convinced her that Megabyte was going to sacrifice her in order to get the Mainframe core. After foiling Megabyte’s plans Mouse disappeared only to reappear at the nick of time to save Bob and Dot from the virus Gigabyte. Though there was some suspicion as to the quickness and timing of her arrival, no objections (at least from Bob) were made as she helps them defeat Gigabyte. Yet one is left to wonder what her true motives were when at the end of the episode she tapped a communicator attached to her arm guard.

In the next episode Trust No One, it was discovered that Mouse was working for Turbo, the prime guardian, by investigating the reports of a web creature in Mainframe. However the guardian policy for dealing with web creatures the size of the one found in Mainframe is total system deletion. While Bob managed to save Mainframe a portal to the web was opened. Mouse decided to help the Mainframers battle the web by lending her coding skills to operate a device built by Megabyte, and powered by Hexadecimal that would close the portal to the web and erase Mainframe's address from the web and the net. True to form Megabyte double crossed them all and threw Bob into the web right before the portal was closed, then tried to attack both Mouse and Dot.

After their escape in Mouse's air ship they combined their resources to defend the city against the viral attack. Through it all, even after the loss of Enzo and AndrAIa to a game, and after control of the principal office was lost, Mouse stuck by Dot's side and the two seemed to become close friends. After Bob, Matrix, AndrAIa and the pirates of the Crimson Binome return to Mainframe, Mouse was in the forefront of the attack against Megabyte's forces. In the end she managed to pay Megabyte back for his numerous double crosses by turning his portal to the super computer into one leading to the web. Right before that web portal was closed Ray Tracer flew through. He and Mouse formed a strong romantic bond amid the crashing city, which continued to grow after the city was saved.

In season 4 it was Mouse's coding skills that protected the city from Daemon's forces. After an infected Turbo was captured he informed Mouse that Daemon had Ray captive, so she teamed up with Matrix (who had recently lost AndrAIa, the love of his life, to Daemon) to assassinate the super virus. Unfortunately their attempt ended with the two of them being infected. Under Daemon's control Mouse hacked into Mainframe allowing Daemon to take over the city. After Daemon's infection was cured Mouse and Ray left Mainframe to report on the effectiveness of the cure. While away both Dot and Bob consult her in their relationship troubles, and she returned to Mainframe for Dot and Bob's (who was really Megabyte) Wedding. After Megabyte was revealed Mouse used her talents to once again defend Mainframe from Megabyte. Currently she is trapped in the Principal office with the rest of the cast.

Comments: Thanks to Vixen 11 for the detailed history write-up and all the background details provided above, as well as for the images used on this page. She also notes that "While I personally am quite a fan of the character Mouse there are many in the fan community that are not however. In resent years she's developed more of a following. Being that it's far more fun to make fun of Matrix."

The voice of Mouse was provided by Louise Vallance.

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