a.k.a.: Victor and Hotspur

Publisher: D.C.Thomson

Format: Weekly anthology

First Issue: 25th January 1961

Last Issue: 21st November 1992, 1657 issues

Absorbed: The Wizard, Scoop, Buddy, Hotspur, ChampWarlord

Absorbed into: None

Strips: The Amazing Mr. Eel, Ball Boy, Behind the Crimson Door, Blighty or Bust, The Bombs with the Purple Stripe, Cadman the Fighting Coward, Cecil the Stone-Age Scrapper, The Coming of the Bugaboo, Cottrell of the Rangers, Crib Carson, Cross Draw McGraw, The Dogs of Dan Hollick, Duke Farlow: Big Game Fisher, Figaro!, Fighting Tom Cochrane, Fred Kay’s Crazy Railroad, The Galloping Gunners, The Goals of Jimmy Grant, Gorgeous Gus, The Guns That Won The West, The Hammer Man, Harald Big-Hand, Hurricane Harry, I Flew With Braddock, Joe Bones the Human Fly, Killer Kennedy, Licence to Steal, Morgyn the Mighty, Neilson in the floating mine, The Pillow Champ, The Rule of Rogat, The Secrets of Section Six, Send for Saxon, Sergeant Bob Millar of the Coldstream Guards, Sergeant Samson, The Seventh Mission, Solomon Stark: Soldier of Fortune, Speed Kings, The Smasher, Sniper Dennison, Steelhead Sam, The Tough of the Track, Tunnels of Terror, Union Jack Hackson, The Vengeance of Alaric, The War of the Second Guns, Warrior of the Steppes, We Are United, Wee Bandy, The Wonder Man

Comments: Launched in 1961, The Victor was initially a mixture of text stories and comic strips, many of them reboots of text series such as Morgyn the Mighty, Tough of the Track, Sergeant Matt Braddock and Gorgeous Gus that had originally appeared in prior D.C. Thomson titles including Adventure, The Hotspur, The Rover, The Skipper and The Wizard. Very much a "Boy's Own Adventure" title, stories involving sporting heroes, spies and soldiers at war predominated. Over time the text series were phased out, until only comic strips remained.

Over its lengthy run of thirty-one years, Victor absorbed many of its waning D.C. Thomson stablemates, starting with the second incarnation of The Wizard in 1978. Football-focused comic Scoop followed in 1981, Buddy in 1983, Hotspur in 1984, Champ in 1985 and finally Warlord in 1986.

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