Publisher: D.C. Thomson

Format: Weekly anthology - initially text, later comic strips

First Issue: 2nd September 1933

Last Issue:

Absorbed: Hornet

Absorbed into: Victor

Strips: Black Sapper, King Cobra, Nick Jolly, Red Star Robinson, X-Bow

Comments: Launched in 1933 carrying various text adventure series, Hotspur lasted 1197 issues in its original format, coming to an end on 17th October 1959. A week later, on 24th October 1959, New Hotspur, which featured comic strips, launched, resetting the count to 1. It dropped the word New from the title after four years and 173 issues, and went on to reach issue 1110 on 24th January 1981, before merging with Victor to become Victor and Hotspur.

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