Publisher: D.C Thomson

Format: Weekly anthology

First Issue: Champ #1 (25th February 1984)

Last Issue: Champ #87 (19th October 1985)

Absorbed: Spike

Absorbed into: Victor

Strips: Dennis the Menace, Iron Barr; I, Spy; Kids Rule - O.K.!, Mike's Millions, Puss and Boots, Send for Kelly, The Sinister World of Mr. Pendragon, We Are United

Comments: One of D.C. Thomson's last ever boys comics to be published, launched in February 1984. Champ's main strip was the football story 'We Are United' but the title also featured the horror series The Sinister World of Mr. Pendragon, the drama series Mike's Millions about young Mike Sadler who unexpectedly inherits ownership of a multi-million pound company, and Kids Rule - O.K.!, about a gang of youths from Kingsway School, as well as a humour section featuring characters from D.C. Thomson's other titles, such as Beano's Dennis the Menace and Gnasher, Sparky's Puss and Boots and I, Spy; and Beezer's Send for Kelly. Champ was published for a little over a year and a half, during which time it absorbed Spike, before being itself absorbed into Victor in October 1985

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