a.k.a.: Valiant and TV21

Publisher: I.P.C.

Format: Weekly anthology

First Issue: 29th September 1962 (cover dated 6th October 1962)

Last Issue: 16th October 1976 (730 issues)

Absorbed: Vulcan, TV 21, Knockout, Smash!, Lion

Absorbed into: Battle Picture Weekly

Comments: Launched by IPC in 1962 as part of their attempt to modernise their comics line, the adventure themed Valiant went on to become one of the more well-remembered comics of its era, with the first issue's strips including cover star Captain Hurricane, terminally-broke family The Nutts, invisible supervillain The Steel Claw, an interactive puzzle strip hosted by Percy the Problem Child, Western adventure Hawk Hunter, the illustrated biography of Admiral Horatio Nelson in To Glory We Steer, boxer Kid Gloves, the tale of Khyber Lancer Captain Brett Blade in Blade of the Frontier, a reprint of French stip Belloy under the title Paladin the Fearless, Jack O'Justice (a recycled Dick Turpin strip from the defunct comic Sun), and short humour strips Soppy Ha'porths, Hey Presto, Shorty the Sheriff, The Crows and Sixer.

Instantly successful, Valiant survived for over fourteen years, absorbing several other comics along the way, beginning with Knockout on 23rd February 1963, which added Billy Bunter, Kelly's Eye, The Man Called 39, From The Vaults of Time and Battler Britton (the last only as a guest star in Captain Hurricane's strip). On 16th November 1963, Valiant presented the first British adaptation of Asterix the Gaul, retitled as Little Fred and Big Ed (Asterix and Obelix respectively). Relocated to Britain, their village became Nevergivup, while the druid Panoramix, later to be better known in the U.K. as Getafix, was here named Hokus Pokus. The strip later renamed itself as Little Fred, the Ancient Brit with Lots of Grit, before concluding on 4th April 1964. It was replaced by another translated French strip, Boule et Bill, under the title It's a Dog's Life.

Some, though not all, of Valiant's initial line-up.

Blade of the Frontier

Jack of Justice

Kid Gloves

Captain Hurricane

It was eight years before the next merger, this time with Smash! on 10th April 1971, with His Sporting Lordship, Janus Stark and The Swots and the Blots transferring from the losing title. Less than five months later on 2nd October 1971, Valiant consumed TV21, bringing The Tuffs of Terror Island and Star Trek into the fold. The once mighty Lion was the next victim on 25th May 1974, with Adam Eterno, Zip Nolan and Mowser making the transition, while Steel Commando merely got to guest star in Captain Hurricane's strip. Reprint title Vulcan merged with Valiant on 10th April 1976, though most of the strips it brought with it had already appeared in Valiant, the notable exception being space epic The Trigan Empire. Its fortunates failing and glory days behind it, Valiant itself became the losing "partner" in a comics merge when it was absorbed into Battle Picture Weekly, with the final independent issue cover dated 16th October 1976.

Valiant remains well thought of though, so much so that on 19th March 2012, when the Royal Mail launched a special stamp collection to celebrate Britain's rich comic book history, Valiant was one of the ten titles chosen to represent the best of British comics.

Strips: Adam Eterno, Billy Bunter, Blade of the Frontier, Captain Hurricane, Danger-Hunter, Danny Doom, Death Wish, From the Vaults of Time, Hawk Hunter, His Sporting LordshipHouse of Dolmann,  It's a Dog's Life (reprinting Boule et Bill), Jack O'Justice, Janus Stark, Jason Hyde, Kelly's Eye,  Kid Gloves, Kid Pharaoh, The Last Boys in the World; Little Fred and Big Ed / Little Fred, the Ancient Brit with Bags of Grit (reprinting and renaming Asterix the Gaul); The Man Called 39, Mytek the Mighty, The Nutts, One-Eyed Jack, Paco, Paladin the Fearless, Percy the Problem Child, The Prisoner of Zenga, Raven on the Wing, Sergeant Strong, Sexton Blake, Soldier Sharp,  Star Trek, Steel Claw, Steel Commando, The Swots and the Blots, Tatty Mane, To Glory We Steer, Trail to Nowhere, The Trigan Empire, Wee Red, The Wild Wonders, Zip Nolan

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