The Steel Commando

Real Name: Mark 1 Indestructible Robot

Identity/Class: Robot

Occupation: Soldier

Affiliations: Lance Corporal Ernie "Excused Boots" Bates, Captain Hurricane

Enemies: Nazis

Known Relatives: None.

Aliases: Ironsides

Base of Operations: European theatre of war

Powers/Abilities: Superstrong and bulletproof. Also waterproof. His ears are supersensitive, able to hear Ernie talking to him from a great distance away even with other noises in the background.

Ernie "Excused Boots" BatesFirst Appearance: Thunder #1 (I.P.C., 17 October 1970-71); Lion (1971-74); Valiant (1974)

History: During W.W.II the British army  had scientists working on a secret weapon: the Mark 1 Indestructible Robot. After some initial problems controlling the mechanical soldier, the army sent him to France under the control of Lance Corporal Ernie "Excused Boots" Bates, the only man whose voice the robot would respond to (and the laziest man in the British army).

Comments: Ernie's nickname for the Commando is Ironsides.

The Steel Commando makes a cameo in Albion as one of the disassembled robots residing in Penny Dolmann's workshop.

Steel Commando in Albion.

Meeting Captain Hurricane.

Steel Commando in Albion

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