a.k.a.: Knock-Out, Knockout Comic, The Victory Comic

Publisher: Amalgamated Press

Format: Weekly anthology comic

First Issue: 4th March 1939

Last Issue: 16th February 1963 (1251 issues)

Absorbed: Magnet, Comic Cuts

Absorbed into: Valiant

Strips: Battler Britton, Billy Bunter, Blarney Bluffer, The Boys of St. Clement's, Buffalo Bill, The Curse of Claw Castle, Daffy the Deputy Sheriff, Davy Crockett, Deed-a-Day Danny, Dick Turpin, The Exile, From the Vaults of Time, Helicopter Hal, Hopalong Cassidy, In Quest of the Golden City, Jack of Africa, Johnnie Wingco, Kelly’s Eye, Kiddo the Boy King, The Knockout Kid, Little Orvy, McTavish of Red Rock, Merrie Margie, Mike, No.13 Grimm Street, Our Crazy Broadcasters, Our Ernie, Peril from Below, Peter Madden, Professor Nutcase, Robin Hood, Sexton Blake, Simon the Simple Slueth, Space Family Rollinson, Stone-Henge Kit the Ancient Brit, Sporty, The Steam Man, Strongbow the Mighty, There's a Jinx on the Job, The Threat of the Terribore, Thunderbolt Jaxon, Tich, Tod and Annie


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