Dolmann (House of Dolmann)

Real Name: Dolmann

Identity/Class: Human technology user

Occupation: Crimefighter

Affiliations: His puppets

Enemies: Unknown

Known Relatives: None (in Albion, he is the father of Bad Penny).

Aliases: None.

Base of Operations: House of Dolmann puppet shop

First Appearance: Valiant (I.P.C., 1966-73); Vulcan (1975-76)

Powers/Abilities: Ventriloquism, plus an army of robotic puppets for every occasion. He appeared to control the puppets using a device worn over his chest.

History: Dolmann was a master puppeteer who had created an army of mechanical warriors to fight crime.  An expert ventriloquist, he would give each Doll a distinct voice and personality.

Comments: Based at his puppet shop, the House of Dolmann. Dolmann's doll's names gave clues to their purpose; Fabulo the escapologist,

Raider the commando,

Togo the wrestler,

Elasto the elastic doll,

Giggler the jester,

Metallo the transformer

Trailer the tracker

Nosey the bloodhound

Mole the digger

Micro the microphone

Hovero the jet

and Astro the pilot for the flying Dolmobile!

Metallo seemed to be a general purpose robot, able to transform into a rocket shell, a gigantic net, or a fully operational crane. Raider, Togo and Elsasto were the most common companions of Dolmann, and his main combat puppets. Dolmann's puppets argued amongst themselves and sometimes questioned his judgment behind his back. Whether  this means Dolmann is insane or just possessed of a truly bizarre sense of humour is unclear.

The colour art above is by ER Cruz and is from the 1969 Valiant Annual, while the black and white art is by Eric Bradbury. Thanks to Jim Croasdale and Daniel Abbot for this additional information.

A version of this character called Puppetman was killed (off-camera) by the Fury on Captain U.K.'s Earth.

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