Real Name: Turbo

Identity/Class: Sprite

Occupation: Prime Guardian

Affiliations: The Super-Computer/Guardian Collective; Bob; Mouse; Matrix

Enemies: Daemon

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Super-Computer

First Appearance: ReBoot #22 “Trust No-One” (ABC)

Powers/Abilities: Turbo wields a Keytool called Copland, allowing him to access Systems, perform maintenance tasks and combat enemies.

History: Turbo and Bob go back a long way, becoming friends during the time that Bob was a Cadet Guardian. As Prime Guardian, it was Turbo that assigned Bob to protect Mainframe as an experiment; to see if Bob’s theory of reprogramming viruses was viable. However, once a Class-M Webcreature entered the System, Turbo had to follow Guardian protocol and set off a bomb (taken into Mainframe by Mouse) that would delete the Webcreature and a large chunk of the System along with it.

When Daemon infected the Super-Computer, Turbo was able to fight off the infection long enough to aid Matrix and warn him of the danger. Though he promised to be “a friend on the inside”, Turbo later succumbed to the infection. Once Daemon was defeated, Turbo resumed his command and the last seen of him was when he clashed with Bob over whether or not to delete Megabyte.

Comments: Turbo was voiced by Gary Chalk.

The name Copland (pronounced Copeland) comes from the codename for the Mac Operating System after System 7 (the project was killed off).

Profile by Charles Ellis.

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