Electro the Power Man

Real Name: "Eddie" Edwards

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Electrical plant worker; later superhero

Affiliations: Super Security Bureau

Enemies: Great Dynamo

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Surf City

First Appearance: Pow Annual 1971

Powers/Abilities: Electro can generate an electrical force field, he can fly, fire lethal bolts of energy from his fingertips and can draw objects to him magnetically. By charging particles in the atmosphere, he can generate hurricane force winds or cause torrential downpours.

History: (Electro, Pow Annual 1972.) "Eddie" Edwards is worker in the Surf City electrical plant until the fateful day the turbine he is working on is struck by lightning and he is electrocuted. Miraculously he survives, and as the Doctors soon discover, his entire body has become electrically charged. As he recovers he begins to display an array of amazing electrical powers.

On the day he is released from the hospital he is approached by a man from the Super Security Bureau, and is taken to meet the Head of that outfit. He is told that from now on he will be working for them as one of their super-powered operatives, and given a uniform and a code name - Electro - the Power Man.

The next morning the supervillain known as the Great Dynamo reads of the new hero in the Surf City Gazette (apparently the Bureau doesn't believe in secrecy!), and decides to engineer a super-crime to show the Bureau up as fools. He and his robotic Dynamen attack an exhibition of priceless gems, and Electro flies from his new penthouse apartment (okay, the job has got its perks!) to battle them. But he is rendered powerless by one of the Dynamo's weapons, and has to be rushed to hospital while the villain makes his escape. A second encounter proves equally fruitless for the hero, with the villain escaping after raiding the local gold depository. Given one last chance by the Chief, he figures out where Dynamo's hideout must be, and this time Electro is triumphant.

Comments: His main enemy is the Great Dynamo. Other operatives of the Bureau, seen only in pictures in the agency's offices, are Mr Whiz, Mini Man, Flame Man and Iron Dog. Eddie may be his proper first name, or a nickname derived from his surname.

Thanks to Chris Adams, who informed me of the existence of this character and gave me my initial information about him.

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