Electro Girl

A slightly different costume for Electro GirlReal Name: Carol Flane

Identity/Class: Human mutate

Occupation: Unknown

Affiliations: Seven Stars (LoEG universe only), anti-Lliogor alliance

Enemies: Unknown.

Known Relatives: Dr.Flane (father, deceased)

Aliases: None.

Base of Operations: Unknown.

First Appearance: G-Boy Comics (Cartoon Art Productions, 1947); Whizzer Comics (1947); Super-Duper (1947-49)

Powers/Abilities: Electrical powers. She can fly and discharge electricity.

One of the original looks for Electro Girl. Compare this to how she looked in Zenith (right)History: While working on an experiment, eminent electro-biologist Dr. Flane is killed in his laboratory. Two weeks later his daughter, Carol, visits the lab and notices the equipment. Curious as to what experiment her father was attempting, she touches his electrial generator and a terrific bolt of energy throws her high into the air. She wakes feeling strange, and curious as to why she has not been burned to a crisp. Her answer comes when she strokes the cat, and unintentionally electrocutes it - she has become a living electricity generator! Deciding to put her newfound abilities to good use, a few weeks later she publicly proclaims in the newspaper the start of her crime-fighting career as Electro Girl.

Comments: Created by Dennis Malcolm Reader.

Electrogirl as she appeared in Zenith, Phase 3.
Having last been seen in the 1940s, Electro Girl returned to comics as one of the multitude of superheroes gathered in 2000A.D.'s Zenith Phase Three story to fight the interdimensional threat of the Lliogor. Although her character is unconnected to Electroman, she pleads for his life when Voltage intends to kill him after he is possessed by the Lliogor.

Alan Moore later had a version of Electro Girl be a member of the short-lived hero team the Seven Stars in his League of Extraordinary Gentlemen series.

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