Real Name: Dan Watkins

Identity/Class: Human mutate.

Occupation: Former arch criminal, now newsboy

Affiliations: Tim

Enemies: Baron Kotzbue, Spike Heal, Hitler, Snaky

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: Fingers, the Brooklyn Phantom

Base of Operations: New York City, New York

First Appearance: Electroman Comics (Scion Ltd, 1951-52)

Powers/Abilities: Iimmense superhuman strength and bulletproof durability, able to fly at supersonic speeds. He activates his powers by making contact with electricity - in some cases he sticks his fingers into electrical sockets - and transforms from the elderly, white haired and hook nosed Watkins to the young, dark haired and square jawed Electroman. He can change back by grounding himself.

History: Dan "Fingers" Watkins was a safecracker working with an international gang of thieves, reputed to be able to get into any safe without making a noise. After the gang's leader Spike Heal shot a night watchman while stealing plans for a airplane jet model, the group drove off with the police in hot pursuit. Heal took the gang to his employer, the villainous Baron Kotzbue, who intended to sell the plans to a hostile foreign power, but as the police began pounding on the door, Kotzbue ordered Heal to ditch the others; Heal shot two of the gang, then knocked Watkins unconscious, leaving him to take the heat. Despite his protestations of innocence, Dan ended up in the electric chair, but after being pronounced dead, the prison's doctor discovered Dan was still alive. Though the warden disbelieved the doctor's claim that the shock had cured Watkins' criminal tendencies, he still had to release the legally deceased criminal. Visiting Spike's favourite hangout, the Silver Dollar Club, Watkins confronted Heal and Kotzbue, only for them to try and complete his execution, tying him to a high voltage cable and throwing the switch. This second dose of electricity somehow altered Dan's electrical structure, transforming him into the fully costumed Electroman, and he swiftly apprehended the villains responsible for his transformation.

Comments: 'UK Edition' on his magazine cover was intended to give the impression that the original was a genuine US product. He (or perhaps the King Features hero of the same name) returned in Zenith, where Voltage killed him as a traitor to the other heroes.

Electroman's costume is shown in the League of Extrordinary Gentlemen's base in League of Extraordinary Gentlemen Volume III Chapter Two - Century: 1969.

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