Real Name: Atomika

Identity/Class: Artificial construct

Occupation: God of Technology

Affiliations: Baba Yaga

Enemies: Aronhir, the State, Morosko, Pripet, Khar-Kov

Known Relatives: Chernobyl (offspring)

Aliases: God of Technology

Base of Operations: Soviet Union

First Appearance: Atomika #1 (Speakeasy, March 2005)

Powers/Abilities: Unknown

History: Created on an alternate Earth where the gods walk the Earth and the Soviet Union destroyed the United States of America and went on to dominate the world, Atomika is a man-made deity forged in the depths of the world, powered by the Earth's core. Proclaimed the God of Technology, he battled the State, Russia's newly created superhero team, before hunting down his rival gods, slaying most of them, until he confronted Baba Yaga, who seduced him and bore him a child.

Comments: Created by Andrew Dabb and Sal Abbinanti.

Originally published by Speakeasy Comics, when that company went bust Atomika moved to Mercury Comics.

Atomika will be appearing in the War of the Independents.

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