Real Name: Unknown

Identity/Class: Unknown (human mutant or mutate?)

Occupation: Adventurer

Affiliations: Professor Sinclair, Bella

Enemies: Borg

Known Relatives: None

Aliases: None

Base of Operations: Earth

First Appearance: Mon Journal #70 (1st January 1948)

Powers/Abilities: Unknown

History: Atomas was an atomic-powered superhero whose origins remain mysterious.

In 1999, Atomas, Professor Sinclair and his daughter, Bella, thwart the evil schemes of the megalomaniacal Borg (Sinclair's former student), who wished to become Master of the World. Borg used a giant electro-magnet invented by Sinclair to cause the Moon to crash into the Pacific Ocean to plunder its riches. Atomas then rescued the Professor and Bella from Borg's clutches, fighting the villain, his robot armies and deadly inventions, in the cities of Nucleapolis and Selenos. Eventually, Borg was defeated and forced to flee into space with the Moon.

Comments: Created by Robert Charroux (writer) and Auguste Liquois (artist).

Atomas as he was originally depictedAtomas was first created by writer Robert Charroux for artist Auguste Liquois. But only a few (one?) pages by Liquois are known to exist. The series was quickly taken over by artist Pellos (pseudonym of Rene Pellarin) and serialized in the weekly magazine "Mon Journal" from No. 70 (1st January 1948) to No. 86 (22 April 1948). No. 86 was the last issue of "Mon Journal" which was then merged into "Zorro". The last two pages of the story were drawn by yet another artist who signed "d'apres Pellos" -- based on Pellos, but was not otherwise identified. To date, Atomas has never been collected in the graphic novel format.

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